Members Present:  Joe Sergi, Rick McHugh, Steve Themelis, Jeff Chabot (arrived 7:08 p.m.) and Nick Cate

Members Absent:   No one


Chairman Sergi called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.



The following vouchers were signed for:

·        Inez M. Gove – payroll vouchers weeks ending 3/3/07 and 3/10/07

·        John J. Flannery, Inc. - $ 455.19



A motion was made by Nick Cate to accept the minutes of the February 12, 2007 meeting; seconded by Jeff Chabot and passed 5 yeas, 0 nays.



·        44 Maple St. – Triehy (Cornerstone Land Consultants)

The Board reviewed the plan versus the checklist from the Subdivision Rules and Regulations and found that it met all of the requirements.


A motion was made by Steve Themelis to endorse the plan for Andy & Lara Triehy; seconded by Rick McHugh and passed 5 yeas, 0 nays.  The endorsed plan is titled “Plan of Land, Maple Street, Pepperell, Massachusetts” dated Jan. 29, 2007 by Cornerstone Land Consultants, L.L.C., P.O. Box 657, Pepperell, MA  01463.



·        7:00 p.m. – Appointment:  Larry Koff – Discussion on update of Comprehensive Plan

Larry Koff and Karen Sobol were present for this discussion.  The discussion followed an outline prepared by Ms. Sobol and Mr. Koff attached.  The first topic was the “Revised Action Plan”.  Chairman Sergi asked if it was appropriate to have the inter-departmental coordination piece in the Comprehensive Plan.  Ms. Sobol said they thought so.  Mr. Koff agreed saying they thought it was important.  As the discussion continued, Chairman Sergi stated he didn’t want to go to far with this report, he didn’t want to compromise the original spirit of the document which was an update of the original Comprehensive Plan.


Ms. Sobol moved to Section II and the discussion turned to a list of the recommendations and prioritizing them or putting them in a timeline format.  Ms. Sobol said she had compiled the list and she felt it was a bit overwhelming.  Various Board members voiced their opinions on prioritizing the recommendations and/or putting them in a timeline format.  It was decided that Ms. Sobol would e-mail the list to Ms. Gove and the Board could prioritize the list at the next meeting.  Item #2 under Section II, the Board decided they wanted to get rid of both charts.  The discussion for Item #4 revolved around the confusion with the mention of overlay districts so many times.  The Board also decided they were not in favor of mandatory cluster zoning.  A brief discussion on a “village center” ensued.


At the end of the discussion, Ms. Gove asked for a recap of action items from tonight’s meeting.  Ms. Sobol was going to e-mail the recommendations in a list format with an attempt to group them to the Revised Action Plan and then at the next meeting, the Board would prioritize the list of recommendations.  The Board wanted to see reference to mandatory cluster taken out.  They also wanted to see the Rt. 119 rezoning reference taken out.  Finally, they wanted to see the org charts removed.  They felt the issue of communication among boards, departments, etc., could be presented in a better way.


·        8:00 p.m. - Con’t. Public Hearing – SP 2006-06 – Site Plan Special Permit application for a 28,800 sf 11 unit warehouse building at 43 Nashua Rd. (Lomar Park, Lot 11), shown on Assessors’ Map 15 as Lot 65.  Applicant:  Daniel Locapo, P.O. Box 885, Pepperell, MA  01463

Chairman Sergi declared the continued public hearing open at 8:30 p.m.


Ms. Gove stated since the last meeting she had received comments from the Town Engineer and a letter from Atty. Flood.  She noted she had requested comments from the Fire Dept. on February 13th either way, but received no response.  She said she did speak to the Fire Dept.’s secretary who said although it was only verbal, they had no issues with the plan.  Ms. Gove stated she had tried to contact Chief Bozicas today, but wasn’t able to.  She then read Bob Lee’s comments dated 2/26/07 and Atty. Flood’s letter dated 2/26/07.


Chairman Sergi then asked if the Board had any comments and no one did.


Cheryl Krehbiel, representing Harold Kecy, stated she didn’t think they should assume the Fire Dept. has no comments if they had not responded.  The Board explained if they specifically request comments and don’t get any they do assume there were no issues.  They also stated the Fire Dept. is very good at getting comments to the Board if they have issues.


A motion was made by Steve Themelis to close the hearing for SP 2006-06; seconded by Rick McHugh and passed 5 yeas, 0 nays.



Item #1 – Discussion on update of Special Permit Rules & Regulations

Ms. Gove asked the Board to hold off on this until the next meeting and they agreed.


Item #2 – Beaver Creek bond reduction

A motion was made by Jeff Chabot to reduce the bond as suggested in the Town Engineer’s memo dated 2/26/07 by $ 66,445 to give the net holding of $ 128,619 to bond the Beaver Creek Definitive Subdivision; seconded by Nick Cate and passed 5 yeas, 0 nays.



The Board reviewed the mail and did not request any specific action on any of the items.


A motion was made by Jeff Chabot to adjourn at 9:00 p.m.; seconded by Steve Themelis and passed unanimously by a vote of those present.




Respectfully submitted,



Inez M. Gove
Planning Administrator






Joseph Sergi


Nicholas Cate







Jeffrey Chabot


Richard McHugh







Stephen Themelis