Pepperell Board of Health

July 05, 2011

Meeting Minutes

Town Hall Conference Room A



Call to order:   The Pepperell Board of Health was called to order at 7:01 PM by Mr. Buckley. He informed all present the meeting was being recorded.  


Members Present:   Alfred Buckley, Chairman, John Marriner, Member, Phillip Durno, Member

Members Absent:                                                                                                                                                               

Staff Present:          Kalene Gendron R.S., Health Agent

Guests Present:       Doug Smith, SoilSmith Design, 40 Shirley St.

Minutes to be approved:   Mr. Marriner made a motion to approve the minutes of June 21, 2011 as written.

                                         Mr. Durno seconded it. A vote was taken. All were in favor.    

Topic of Discussion

Relevant Discussion

Action taken

Vote taken

Corr. /Info:

DEP Compliance Checks








Corr. /Info:

Annex – Update




Corr. /Info:

Secretary’s Vacation Time













  • The Pepperell Board of Health (PBOH) is in receipt of a MA. DEP memo regarding deficiencies that exist at four businesses within Pepperell.
  • The Health Agent (HA) explained “Mass. DEP does the inspections, and sends a copy of their findings as informational to the PBOH.”
  • No action has to be taken on the part of the PBOH.



  • The Annex building has been cleaned by the HA and Board Secretary. The HA informed the Selectmen’s office that any remaining items may be taken by other departments.
  • Items that belonged to the BOH were moved into the garage behind the trailer.


  • The Town Administrator had sent the secretary a letter advising her she should use her accrued vacation time of forty-four hours by the end of this summer. This is time she accrued while working 30 hours per week. Though the personnel by-law does not stipulate an expiration date to use vacation time.






  • The secretary wanted to inform the Board of Mr. Moak’s request and how this may affect the hours of operation.
  • The members discussed if the  secretary had to use her time accrued vacation time within this narrow window of time this could cause a problem, where the office may be closed a week at a time.





























·        Mr. Durno made a motion to allow the secretary until June 30, 2012 to use her accrued vacation time.

·           Mr. Marriner seconded it.




























·   A vote was taken.

·  All were in favor.

Old Business:

NABH Meeting - Update












Old Business:

DEP Response


  • Mr. Marriner attended the NABH meeting. The Board members tabled their minutes because of discrepancies and missing minutes to the objection to Pepperell’s assessment.
  • The members of the Board discussed the per capita cost per town and the sheet shows assessment values for other towns and Pepperell is paying a higher assessment value, and the Board would like to know the reason behind this.
  • Mr. Marriner would like to meet with Mr. Garreffi this Friday, July 8, 2011, and will draft a letter pertaining to these concerns.



  • Board members reviewed the email from Lynne Welsh, DEP.
  • They would like the Town engineer to fill out and sign the transmittal sheet and any other necessary paperwork involved for the reduction of testing at the landfill.
  • The HA spoke to the Town engineer and he said “he is a civil engineer, and he does not interpret this style of work.” The current engineer of CEA will have to submit in writing the reasons for the requested reduction in the landfill. If the cost is too much then we may go to the Town engineer for help.
  • Mr. Durno said “get the form and let’s go from there.”



Walk In:

Doug Smith - 40 Shirley St .






  • Mr. Smith is seeking a variance for this sewage plan.
  • Reduction to groundwater from 4 feet separation as required to a 3 foot separation allowed under Title 5 310CMR 15.405(h)

·        Mr. Durno made a motion to allow the groundwater reduction from 4 feet to 3 feet as requested.

·        Mr. Marriner seconded it

·   A vote was taken.

·  All were in favor.







Old Business:

End of Year Budget Report













Old Business:

PHER Tablet







  • The Board reviewed the FY 2011 budget and it looks it about 14% of the remaining budget will be returned to the general fund.
  • A good amount returned is coming out the hazardous waste line item.
  • Mr. Marriner said “many things are now biodegradable and there isn’t a need to dispose of as much hazardous waste as years past.
  • The HA suggested the Board may want to have 2 hazardous waste days. This may be doable if you charge the residents a fee for dropping off their hazardous waste or have other towns join Pepperell.




  • The Board discussed the benefits of using a Tablet.
  • The HA said “you have to buy a data plan” once it expires.
  • The Board said a data plan can be incorporated in the budget.
  • The HA explained the Tablet must be in hand by July 31, 2011. She said “if we change the blackberry to another tablet, we just email Region II of the change.”
  • The Board was offered an AM radio to house on behalf of Region II, they declined the offer.






















·        Mr. Durno made a motion that the BOH purchase a Tablet with the PHER grant.

·        Mr. Marriner seconded it























·  A vote was taken.

·  All were in favor.



Old Business:

Well Regulations




Old Business:

Animal Regulations



  • The members of the Board have reviewed a draft of new well regulations and will discuss them at the next meeting.




  • The HA informed the members of the Board that they had previously asked her to look into whether Pepperell had a leash law and if not how to adopt one. The leash law falls under the jurisdiction of the BOS, and currently Pepperell has no dog leash law.
  • The Board would like to discuss with the BOS adopting a leash law.








·        Mr. Durno made a motion to have the secretary contact the selectmen’s secretary in order to be put on the BOS agenda in order to establish a leash law.

·        Mr. Marriner seconded it.






·  A vote was taken.

·  All were in favor.









108 River Rd.






33 Shattuck St.


Bill Warrant








  • The Phillips Family Irrevocable Trust by Rose Land Survey request a local upgrade of the failed septic system to grant two variance requests. First the groundwater offset of 4 feet for repair, and secondly, a change from the 15 foot poly breakout barrier to decrease to 10 feet.



  • A permit for a single component replacement


  • NABH Assessment and office items.







·        Mr. Durno made a motion

       to allow the change in the

       groundwater offset and

       decrease in the poly break

       out barrier.

·        Mr. Marriner seconded it.




Board members signed permit.







·   A vote was taken.

·   All were in favor.

Other Item:

39 Blood St.


  • Mr. Durno and the HA did a site visit at this property and the residents wouldn’t allow them into dwelling. There is a hole in chimney, don’t know what conditions are like inside.
  • An order had been sent out and the HA would like to return with the nurse. It’s a complex situation.



Other Item:

18 Maple St. – Unit 34:


  • HA explained that Mr. Godsoe was sent another letter asking him to contact her to have a site visit before tonight’s meeting. He has not contacted the HA.
  • Mr. Durno would like the HA to call Mr. Godsoe, to get a site visit set up before the next BOH meeting.
  • The HA said “if he does not contact her, she will send a letter to have him on the agenda for the July 19, 2011.”



Mr. Marriner made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Mr. Durno seconded it. A vote was taken. All were in favor.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:48 pm

Next Meeting: July 19, 2011

Respectfully submitted by:   Sandra Grogan, Board Secretary



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  Alfred Buckley, Chairman                     John Marriner, Member            Phillip Dunro, Member