Pepperell Board of Health

June 21, 2011

Meeting Minutes

Town Hall Conference Room A



Call to order:†† The Pepperell Board of Health was called to order at 7:01 PM by Mr. Buckley. He informed all present the meeting was being recorded. †


Members Present:†† Alfred Buckley, Chairman, John Marriner, Member, Phillip Durno, Member

Members Absent:††† †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

Staff Present:††††††††† Kalene Gendron R.S., Health Agent, Sandra Grogan, Board Secretary

Guests Present:†††† ††Paul MacDonald, Nashoba Publishing

Minutes to be approved:†† Mr. Marriner made a motion to approve the minutes of June 7, 2011 as written.

†††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††Mr. Durno seconded it. A vote was taken. All were in favor. †††

Topic of Discussion

Relevant Discussion

Action taken

Vote taken

Future Meetings


  • The Board of Health (BOH) will be meeting on July 5, 2011 and July 19, 2011




Fourth of July Parade





Kelly Miller Circus

  • The Board members wanted to know how many food vendors will be at the Fourth of July parade.
  • The Health Agent (HA) hasnít seen any permits as of this date but will look into it.


  • The HA will look into seeing if anyone has applied for a temporary food permit for the circus.



New Business:

108 River Rd.-local upgrade





New Business:

MHOA-Tobacco Control Director




New Business:

8 Idal St.-Dog bite

  • The HA hasnít received any paperwork from the engineer.
  • Mr. Marriner would like to table this discussion until next meeting so the engineer provided necessary data.



  • The Secretary gave the BOH a letter explaining Mass. Tobacco Cessation Prevention Program will be conducting over the next three months, tobacco retail inspections/compliance checks in Pepperell.



  • The BOH received a letter from the BOS regarding a dog bite. They will be holding a meeting on June 28, 2011, regarding this situation.
  • The HA communicated since the Animal Inspection falls under the BOH that any future dog concerns, the Dog Officer, Animal Inspector (AI), HA and Board Secretary will keep in communication with one another by email in order for all parties to be involved with such matters.
  • Mr. Marriner would like the AI †to represent

the BOH at this meeting since she quarantined the dog right after this episode.



New Business:

Open Meeting† Law



  • The Board members reviewed a letter from the Town Clerk pertaining to the Open Meeting Laws (OML) as to when Board members can discuss BOH matters or concerns about the public in an open meeting forum.
  • If a valid complaint or concern comes into the BOH it is up to the HA to investigate such claims and bring the information to the Board, at this point all information becomes public knowledge.
  • The Board members in questioning OML questioned 18 Maple St., unit 34, whether or not the concern is not criminal matter, which would dictate if the Board should pursue executive session.
  • A discussion ensued about 18 Maple St., unit 34, whether or not to continue to pursue this matter in open forum.
  • The Board recommended another letter be issued to have the homeowner contact the Health Agent for a follow up inspection.



Old Business:

†NABH Meeting



  • Nashoba Boards of Health will be having a scheduled meeting on June 23, 2011, and Mr. Marriner and Mr. Durno will be attending in behalf of the BOH.



Old Business:

Body Art Regulations

  • Mr. Buckley had given the Board members and the HA some additional information that he received from another tattoo owner.
  • The HA explained this information is in our current regulations.



Old Business:

12 B Foster St. - Update

  • The HA explained a previous letter was sent to Mr. Crane that she had until 6/7/11 to remove the rubbish. Upon a drive by the HA she saw metal items in barrels.
  • The Board members would like a letter to go to her that she must dispose of the metal in the barrels.



Old Business:

Budget Items


  • The secretary asked the Board members if she may purchase a few necessary items for the office.
  • The Board members agreed with a list of items that are needed in the office.
  • Mr. Durno discussed the secretary using the cell phone that had been purchased by the BOH as she keeps in contact with the Board members and HA.
  • The Board members suggested finding out how much a contract would cost.



Old Business:

PHER Grant Update













Hazardous Waste Day Update




Other† Item:

Landfill Update



  • The HA spoke to Mr. Clark of Region II, and as a group Region II they decided that all communities that are part of Region II may purchase a tablet device out of the PHER grant.
  • The Board members agreed if this device will help the HA while she is in the field then it would be acceptable to purchase one.
  • If the BOH decides to allow the purchase it must be done by 7/30/11.





  • There were 117 vehicles that participated in the hazardous waste day collection. The cost for this program amounted to $4,900.00.



  • Mr. Marriner wanted to know how we were doing with landfill billing.
  • Corporate Environmental Advisorís (CEA) had sent out double billing, they and we caught it and corrected it.
  • The secretary called and emailed Ms.Welsh, DEP requesting all correspondence be in writing.



Permits/licenses/bill warrant

  • No permits available for Boardís signature.
  • One bill warrant.



Mr. Durno made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Mr. Marriner seconded it. A vote was taken. All were in favor.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:35 pm

Next Meeting: July 05, 2011

Respectfully submitted by:†† Sandra Grogan, Board Secretary



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† Alfred Buckley, Chairman††††††† †† †††††††† †John Marriner, Member††††††††††† Phillip Dunro, Member† ††††††††††† ††† †