Pepperell Board of Health

October 19, 2010

Meeting Minutes

Town Hall Conference Room A



Call to order:   The Pepperell Board of Health was called to order at 7:00 PM by Mr. Lambert. He informed all present the meeting was being recorded.

Members Present:   Robert Lambert Chairman, John Marriner Member, Alfred Buckley Member

Members Absent:                                                                                                                                                               

Staff Present:          Kalene Gendron RS, Health Agent, Sandra Grogan Board Secretary,

Guests Present:       Paul MacDonald Nashua Publishing, Greta Donahue 43 Park St.

Minutes to be approved:   Mr. Buckley made a motion to accept the minutes of September 21, 2010.

                                          Mr. Marriner seconded it. A vote was taken. All were in favor.  

Topic of Discussion

Relevant Discussion

Action taken

Vote taken


Scheduled Appointment:


43 Park St. - Nuisance Complaint



















Region 2

Mr. Gikas








Flu Clinic

Senior Center










Re-appointment of

Board Secretary






46 Shattuck St.

61 Bancroft St.

67 Mt. Lebanon St.

































36 Lawrence St.

Variance Request
















Other Item:

Finance Committee decision

For additional hours.




Other Item:

Temporary food permits







































November Calendar Date:















Region 2 Grant:

Equipment Grant










Animal Inspector:






·         Mr. Lambert referred to a second nuisance complaint made by Mr. Diaz of 28 Village Rd., in regards to 43 Park St.

·         Mr. Lambert was requested by Mrs. Donahue to walk her property. Mr. Lambert had taken a few pictures to show the condition of the property. Once the pictures were reviewed Mr. Lambert told Mrs. Donahue “we had made a prior decision of no findings, no violations, by going down there and looking over everything I couldn’t see any violations.

·         “Just be careful when you say there are no violations. Technically there is. But if you guys don’t deem them as a violation, that’s your decision,” said Health Agent Gendron.

·         “But technically is splitting hairs the way the regulations are set up,” said board member Mr. Buckley.

·         Mr. Lambert would like someone to make a motion, saying “there were no violations.” Mr. Lambert stated “We are going to stay with our original finding of no violations; Mr. Diaz has to live with the decision of the Board of the Health.”

·         “If they write another letter, how long can this go on? Because this going down the line of harassment,” said Mrs. Donahue


·         Not present







·         Mr. Lambert referred to the Flu Clinic at the Senior Center on October 20, 2010. Mr. Lambert will be going down early but not staying long.

·         “I’ve heard that people have been getting sick with the flu shot” said Mr. Marriner.

·         “That’s not uncommon, you are getting injected with the flu you may get the flu, you may have flu symptoms for a few days while your body is building up an immunity to the vaccine.” said Health Agent Gendron.

·         Mr. Marriner will attend the flu clinic



·         The Board reviewed the letter to renew Mrs. Grogan, as the BOH secretary.




·         A permit for an upgrade for 46 Shattuck Street went before the Board for their approval.

·         The Health Agent has a permit for an upgrade at 61 Bancroft St. She reviewed the plans and had a minor concern which the engineer consultant of Cornerstone was able to address about an easement on the property. He sent a brief statement that he answered her questions along with revised plans.  This permit is all set to be signed by the Board.

·         Health Agent Gendron said “this is a permit for an upgrade for a failed septic system at 67 Mt. Lebanon, the Board has already seen this permit, but the homeowner decided they want to go from a four bedroom to a three bedroom system, the engineer and myself are honoring the request so I’m revising the permit to reflect the three bedroom not a four bedroom house and the leach bed size has decrease in size.”

·         Mr. Marriner asked “if this is an existing house?”

·          The Health Agent stated “it is and it’s very rare to see this type of request.”

·         Mr. Buckley asked “if they have four bedrooms existing in the house?

·         The Health Agent pulled the assessor’s card and “ it’s a three bedroom home per the assessor’s card but they had enough testing that it was approved for four bedrooms, but they want to change it to a three bedroom” explained the Health Agent






·         “This is the last permit to be approved by the Board, it is for 36 Lawrence St., the Board had already approved this permit and it was modified the permit at a previous meeting it was modified from a two bedroom to a three bedroom home.” I just need the file to add up to the decision  the Board made at that meeting, so I’m going to ask the Board to approve a variance request to go from the 150 to 110 loading rate per Title 5, this will allow the two bedroom to increase to a three bedroom.” “I need the paperwork to line up, I’ve already spoken to the engineer and we’re going to modify the plans, this is the home I had asked for a two bedroom deed restriction.” “ Once you look at the loading rate you notice 330 for a three bedroom per Title 5, and Pepperell requires 150 loading rate so if you approve the variance request this still could hold a three bedroom home per Title 5, I just need it in writing form the Board to approve the variance,” said the Health Agent. This will be put in the file.



·         Mr. Lambert informed “the other Board members that during the Board of Selectmen’s meeting, he believes the article warrant will not be on the agenda its been pulled. If it hasn’t, can I have a motion to pull it off at the Town Meeting?




·         The Health Agent informed the Board about Cushing amusement carnival event from Oct. 21-Oct.24th, they do not have any licenses as of yet, Bridgette District Food Inspector will approve of three permits but the fourth vendor cart that contains steak and chicken doesn’t have the means to contain the food at 41 or below nor do they have freezers.


·         Mr. Buckley asked “if this particular vendor has been here before?”






·         Mr. Buckley stated “he had gone to a carnival in Pepperell earlier this year and two vendors were not wearing gloves.” He approached them and they said “they couldn’t find the gloves” and when they saw me coming the second time they started scurrying.”



·         “Because they are not licensed as of tonight’s meeting and the carnival starts Thursday, I will email you whether the fourth vendor has been approved. The three permits are pretty straight forward, Bridgette is concerned with the fourth vendor” explained Mrs. Gendron


·         Mr. Lambert would like the name of the vendor who wants to serve steak and chicken.





·         Mr. Lambert would like to have November’s calendar dates for the BOH meeting voted on. He said “the election is on November 2, 2010, we will need to change the meeting date to another day, how about November 9, & November 23, 2010, would a member like to make a motion to that effect?”


·         Mr. Buckley stated “he will not be available for the November 9th, meeting, as he has another meeting to attend.”


·         Health Agent Gendron said “she is bringing a big project to the November 9th, meeting and would like all three members available for the meeting.”


·         New dates were set for the November BOH meetings.



·         The Board Secretary explained “this grant can be used for equipment for the office in case of a disaster.”  PC LAN, out of Townsend gave a quote for a PC with the needed specifications, this comes with a three year warranty, and the cost is $734.96.”

·         Mr. Lambert agreed this is a better upgrade with plenty of memory for the BOH needs.





·         The secretary explained” the procedure in case the Animal Inspector is out of Town.” “All Board members have her contact phone numbers, if she receives a call her family will contact her and she will call the office with the nature of the phone call.”

·         If Animal Inspector is out of town she will contact the secretary who will in turn notify the Chairman of the Board.

·         Mr. Buckley wanted to know who the back up person is.

·         Mr. Lambert would be.

·         The Health Agent put this on the agenda as she didn’t know if a procedure was in place.

























Mr. Buckley made a motion to accept the previous minutes of the last meeting, where the Board voted no violations at 43 Park St.


Mr. Marriner seconded it





















Mr. Buckley made a motion to re-appoint Sandra Grogan as the Board Secretary.


Mr. Marriner seconded it.



Board signed the permit for 46 Shattuck St.





The Board signed the permit

for 61 Bancroft St.















The Board signed the permit



















Mr. Buckley made a motion to approve the variance request to change the permit from a two bedroom to a three bedroom home.


Mr. Marriner seconded it.





Mr. Marriner made a motion to pass over the BOH warrant article.


Mr. Buckley seconded it.


























































Mr. Buckley made a motion to purchase the computer.


Mr. Lambert seconded it






























A vote was taken.

All were in favor.



























A vote was taken.

All were in favor.
















































A vote was taken.

All were in favor.









A vote was taken.

All were in favor.











































A vote was taken.

All were in favor.










A vote was taken.

Mr. Lambert and Mr. Buckley were in favor.

Mr. Marriner abstained as he doesn’t know enough about it.
















Mr. Buckley made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Mr. Marriner seconded it. A vote was taken. All were in favor.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:00 PM

Next Meeting: November 16, 2010

Respectfully submitted by:   Sandra Grogan, Board Secretary



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  Alfred Buckley Chairman                     John Marriner, Member