Pepperell Board of Health

May 25, 2010 Meeting Minutes



Call to order:   The Pepperell Board of Health was called to order at 7:00 PM by Mr. Lambert

Members Present:   Robert Lambert Chairman, John Marriner Member, Alfred Buckley

Members Absent:                                                                                                                                                               

Staff Present:           Kalene Garbarz RS, Health Agent, Sandra Grogan Board Secretary

Guests Present:       Paul MacDonald, Nashoba publishing,          

Minutes to be approved:   Mr. Marriner made a motion to accept the minutes of May 11, 2010 as written. Mr. Lambert seconded it. A vote was taken. All were in favor. Mr. Buckley abstained as he wasn’t present at the meeting.

Topic of Discussion

Relevant Discussion

Action taken

Vote taken


Old Business:

120 Main St., Apt. # 3


12 Foster St., Units A & B














Other Item:



·         The Health Agent set up a court date for June 14, 2010 for Mr. Veo of 120 Main St., Apt. # 3. The same follows suit for Mr. O’Donnell of 12 Foster St., Units A & B

·         The paperwork is sent to Housing Court in Lawrence, MA but the physical location is Lowell, MA.

·         Mr. Lambert will accompany the Health Agent.

·         Mr. Buckley expressed future concerns about the Health Agents time and cost associated with having to deal with these current court cases and possibly future court cases.

·         The Health Agent expressed both landlords were informed about the last two BOH meetings. If landlords found guilty they could receive fines. If apartment or units become vacant during this time, the landlords can not allow for re-occupancy.

·         The paperwork has been sent by certified and regular mail.



·         Mr. Lambert spoke to the Town Administrator, about current money in BOH, 2010 budget. The BOH will be moving into another office in the Town Hall so the secretary will be needed in the office to help with the process. She is only allotted 9 hrs. Per week, Mr. Lambert asked if some of the money in the budget could be used to supplement the secretary during the moving process. Mr. Lambert said the Town Administrator said the money could be used this way.

·         Mrs. Grogan asked if the Board would like something in writing to confirm this. Mr. Lambert will speak to Mr. Moak about this.




New Business:

Schedule of Office Hours



·         A discussion ensued about the Secretary’s office hours as of July 1, 2010.

·         The Board agreed with Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 7:30 am. – 12:30 and every other Tuesday when the BOH meets the Tuesday hours will be 7:30 – 10:00 am., and Tuesday night from 6:30 to 9:00 pm.





New Business:

Region II trailer


·         The Health Agent explained that Groton received the last trailer from Region II. Another grant will be coming out in August, we may be getting a trailer then since we are on the list.




New Business:

102 Brookline St.



New Business:

June 15, 2010 Sturbridge, MA







New Business:

Region II - Jackets




Hazardous Waste Day:








Hazardous Waste Day:


·         Health Agent Garbarz inspected and found discharge coming out septic system. A certified order was sent, and signed for on May 20, 2010. The Health Agent is waiting for proof of a pumping record.





·         The Health Agent informed the Board, Region II in conjunction with the Harvard School of Public Health, will be hosting a Table-Top exercise to test PH communications and resource sharing through out the region on June 15th in Sturbridge, MA. If any Board member would like to attend. The Board members would like to be signed up for the conference





·         The Health Agent explained jackets may become available to the BOH through Region II. They have money in equipment funds and the sub- committee decided they want to use that money for BOH members that are somewhat active. I have put your names in and I need the size.



·         Mrs. Grogan updated the Board as to the progress of the Hazardous Waste Day on June 12, 2010 from 10:00-2:00pm.  She contacted Bob Lee of DPW about getting a dump truck on site and drum for oil disposal. Dunn Battery will pick up old car batteries.  Mr. Marriner took the banner to the Fire Chief. A detail officer will be available.

·         Mr. Buckley asked the other Board members about charging a drop off fee.




·         Kalene interjected that on April 14, 2010 minutes that you were all in agreement to charge $20.00. You may rescind that if you decide something else.

·         The company, we use charges the BOH for a disposal fee, so why don’t we charge a fee and have it go back into the general fund.

·         Mr. Lambert would like to let this year(s) hazardous waste day be free of charge and next year charge a fee.








































Mr. Marriner made a motion to rescind the vote pertaining to the Hazardous Waste day on April 14, 2010.


Mr. Buckley seconded it.









































A vote was taken.

All were in favor.


·         9 Winslow Court-disposal construction permit

·         Weekly payroll


Board signed

Board signed


Other Item:

Animal Inspector

·         Robin Hebert, Animal Inspector term expires on June 30, 2010.

·         The Board would like her to appear before them sometime in June to re-appoint her.



Old Business:

40 Lawrence St.

·         The Health Agent went over Babin’s property. Conservation is having a meeting on June 15th. Kalene sent out a letter stating he is being held to a one bedroom design. The Assessor’s record, previous building permits, septic design all say one bedroom. If he wants to go from a one bedroom to three bedrooms he has apply for a new a three bedroom septic system. The Health Agent is waiting to hear from Mr. Babin.  The septic tank and D-box were replaced in 2008 and it passed a title 5 inspection for a one bedroom.


·         The Health Agent expressed her thanks to Mr. Buckley for doing carnival inspections.


·         Mr. Young of 17 William St. had a title 5 inspection that failed. He will be putting in a new septic system.



Mr. Buckley made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Mr. Marriner seconded it. A vote was taken. All were in favor.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:20PM

Next Meeting: June 1, 2010

Respectfully submitted by:   Sandra Grogan



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  Robert Lambert, Chairman                   John Marriner                               Alfred Buckley