Pepperell Board of Health

August 27, 2009 Workshop



Call to order:†††††††††††††† The Pepperell Board of Health was called to order at 8:45 am by Mr. Lambert

Members Present:†††††††† Robert Lambert Chairperson, John Marriner, Member, Alfred Buckley Member

Members Absent:†††††† †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

Staff:††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Kalene Garbarz, Health Agent, Sandra Grogan, Board Secretary

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Special Town Meeting.







































Special Town Meeting











































Special Town Meeting.




















































































         Mr. Marriner asked who the Board of Health has to go to, in order to request a reserve fund transfer. The Finance Committee?

         Mrs. Grogan explained to the Board, that she spoke to someone regarding the process of a reserve fund transfer and a town article. Her reply was the BOH, can request a reserve fund transfer, you would want to send any documentation to back up the request. Give it to the Town Accountant; she will get it to the Finance Committee. The Finance Committee will have a meeting to discuss the request of a reserve fund transfer and either approve the transfer or reject it. If they reject it, the Board of Health members, has the right to go on the Town floor at the Special Town meeting with an article requesting whatever the need is.

         Mr. Marriner asked is someone going to say that we donít have enough time to put the article in.

         Mrs. Grogan stated the Board received a letter from the Selectmenís office, stating any article for the Town warrant has to be turned in by September 9, 2009.

         Mr. Marriner asked when the next Finance Committee is.

         Mrs. Grogan said she could find out on the internet

         Mr. Marriner said he didnít want them to give the Board an answer on September 14, 2009, and then the BOH will be too late to present an article.

         Mr. Buckley suggested that the Board write up an article for the Town warrant and put the paperwork in anyway.

         Mr. Marriner said they could always withdraw the article if the Finance Committee approves the request.





         Mr. Buckley suggested the BOH write up a letter and submit for the Special Town warrant right away. We will send this other letter through the wheels this way we are covered both ways.


         Mrs. Grogan confirmed what the Board members asked her to do.

         Mr. Lambert said will make them think. They pulled a fast one on Scott Butcher, previous Chairperson. They promised him the world, he got up on the floor, to speak then they pulled the rug out from underneath him, that why he quit the next day. I wanted to speak in behalf of the BOH, but I was told everything would be alright.

         Mrs. Grogan explained to the Board that she does not know how to write and article.† The previous Board members always wrote the articles. She informed the Board a letter was sent by the Selectmenís office stating if any department needed help in putting an article together, that there are people at the Town Hall, who are more than willing to help.

         Mr. Lambert said go to the Town Clerk, she would help.

         Mr. Buckley said once the article is written; make sure the Finance Committee, knows that the BOH has put an article on for the Special Town meeting.

         Mr. Marriner asked what is currently in the budget for hourly wages. He also wanted to know who pays for the health insurance.

         Mrs. Grogan said the Town does, it doesnít come from The BOH line item.

         Mr. Marriner said we donít want to put in the exact penny as someone may try to trip us up over 10 cents.

         Mr. Lambert asked Mrs. Grogan, how many years she has worked for Town government.

         Mrs. Grogan replied 16 years in January.

         Mrs. Grogan explained to the Board about her work load. She said she is trying to do a 40 hrs work week, in 30 hours a week. Mrs. Grogan then gave an example of her daily duties, Miss Garbarz, Health Agent, came in yesterday and asked if I could do some important things that she needed to be done. Of course I will do anything to assist the Health Agent; as well the Board. I have daily duties that need to be done; I donít sit and wait for the Health Agent. The files are a mess and I havenít had time to fix them.






         Mr. Buckley said to keep a ledger so you can go back and justify your time. A lawyer will keep track as to how long he was on the phone. So when I get up on the floor I can say the secretary spent so much time doing this and this, I can justify your time.



         Mr. Lambert said how long it takes to get to the Post office then you may have to wait in line. In addition, the copy machine in this office doesnít have the capabilities of the one at the Town hall. The Secretary has to go to there to make copies all these things take time.

         Mrs. Grogan did say what is frustrating is the fact that this office doesnít have a fax machine, so every day not only does she go pick up the mail but she checks for faxes this time all adds up. She explained this is not good business practice going into another building to send a fax or having to receive a fax.

         †Mr. Buckley said keep a record of how much time this takes because this helps to justify the hours.

         Mr. Lambert is going to ask how many times has anyone from the Finance Committee, been in the office? I will make a point that the Board of Health is not responsible for any law suits coming in because we are short handed. You people up here the Finance Committee, will be responsible not us. Mrs. Castellano had no choice in the matter in keeping her position. Other employees had left because of the budget cuts.




         Mr. Lambert said the Board of Healthís budget has been cut more than anyone else. Last year the Board of Health brought in over $30,000.00 in permit fees. We found 78,000.00 in the budget and put in for the landfill monitoring testing.

         Mr. Marriner said we asked for permission to decrease the testing from 4 to 2 times a year which they agreed.

         Mrs. Grogan stated by decreasing the testing to twice a year, this has saved the Town money.

         Mr. Buckley said they have come up with an Efficiency Committee; I put my name for it.





         Mr. Lambert said the Finance Committee cut out all the stipends that Board(s) use to receive. Thatís why they canít get anybody.

         Mr. Buckley said that he thinks the new Efficiency Committee, is to investigate and combine towns and departments the purpose is to save money.

         Mrs. Grogan explained that the predecessor Board members came up with the 15 hours week, without any research to substantiate the BOH Secretary can complete all necessary functions on 15 hrs a week.

         Mr. Buckley said they just picked an arbitrary figure.

         Mrs. Grogan said the less your in the office the more potential their could be a possible law suit.

         Mr. Marriner said youíre going to write an article, maybe get Town Clerk to help you get it written and get the reserve fund transfer completed and passed in.

         Mr. Buckley wanted to know when the request for a reserve fund transfer would get to the Finance Committee. You want to advocate the time needed.

         Mr. Lambert said one of the predecessor members never came in the office to see how things were going. I asked the Chairperson at the time, why this member never came in. We currently have a good Board, that comes in the office and the Board is kept well informed on the day to day operations.

         Mrs. Grogan pulled out a reserve fund transfer form for the Board members to review and sign. As stated this way we can forward not only a Special Town meeting article, we can get this form to the Finance Committee.


         Mr. Buckley said we need to make a motion to put an article on the Special Town Meeting


         Mr. Marriner said the letter from Mr. Garreffi is very important, and this will carry more weight.

         Mr. Buckley said that Mr. Garreffi is running more towns he knows what time is spent at these towns.











         Mrs. Grogan told the Board that there is money in the Hazardous Household Waste account. We may have to cut down the amount the residents can bring in this year. Mrs. Grogan handed the Board members a letter from Mr. Garreffi.




         Mr. Marriner asked about closing the meeting.



















































































































































Mr. Marriner made a motion to sign a reserve fund transfer requesting approximately $15,000.00 to support the Secretary at 30 hours a week to the end of the fiscal year.


Mr. Buckley seconded it.








Mr. Buckley made a motion to put an article on the warrant.


Mr. Marriner seconded it.

















Mr. Marriner made a motion to adjourn the meeting.


Mr. Buckley seconded it.


















































































































































A vote was taken.

All were in favor.














A vote was taken.

All were in favor.





















A vote was taken.

All were in favor.


Meeting was adjourned at ††9:09 AM

Next Meeting: †September 01, 2009

Minutes submitted by:†† Sandra Grogan



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† Robert Lambert, Chairperson†† ††††††††††† John Marriner, Member †††† †††Alfred Buckley, Member