Pepperell Board of Health

August 18, 2009 Meeting Minutes



Call to order:†††††††††††††† The Pepperell Board of Health was called to order at 7:05 pm by Mr. Lambert

Members Present:†††††††† Robert Lambert Chairperson, John Marriner, member

Members Absent:†† ††††Alfred Buckley, member††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

Staff Present:††††††††††††† †Kalene Garbarz, Health Agent, Sandra Grogan, Board Secretary

Guests Present: Don Eriksson, Lowell Sun

Minutes to be approved:†† Mr. Marriner made a motion to accept August 04, 2009, minutes as written.

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Mr. Lambert seconded it. A vote was taken. All were in favor.

Topic of Discussion

Relevant Discussion

Action taken

Vote taken


Business: A


56 Harbor St.


         Miss Garbarz, opened the discussion for 56 Harbor St., stating they have a legitimate construction to build permit and they are working toward their certificate of compliance. She said there are some discrepancies with the number of bedrooms. A Memo was put in each Board members packet, in order that they could give their input into this situation. This house has been designed as a three bedroom all along, the Title 5 says three bedroom and now we are getting ready to do the certificate of compliance and there is a discrepancy whether itís going to be a three bedroom or a four bedroom.

         Mr. Marriner wanted to know if this is an existing or new home.

         Miss Garbarz said itís an existing home.

         Mr. Lambert said the house was built in 1990ís and it was a three bedroom so now they want a four bedroom tank. Mr. Lambert asked Miss Garbarz what the discrepancies are.

         Miss Garbarz said according to Title 5, it is three bedrooms and it passed for the three bedrooms. †The original permit says three bedrooms, somewhere along the way a garage was added on with a bedroom above it, which increased the bedrooms to four. The septic system is designed for four bedrooms but for something that says three all along, I didnít feel comfortable throwing 4 bedrooms on the certificate of compliance. So I would like the Board to vote on this.

         Mr. Lambert said it was approved for four but they only had a three and now they are going for a four.






         Mr. Marriner asked if they have a garbage disposal.

         Miss Garbarz replied with a no. She said they went above the approved capacity and it should have been designed as new construction. This site has 2 deeps and a perc, it doesnít have a primary and a reserve there was no additional testing.

         Mr. Lambert asked if a Title 5 was done.

         Miss Garbarz said it was done back in 2002.

         Mr. Marriner asked by whom?

         Miss Garbarz said by Anthony Campano

         Mr. Lambert asked if it past Title 5, it did. He asked if they are using the bedroom above the garage.

         Miss Garbarz said the application was for four bedrooms, the septic design was for four bedrooms but everything else says three.

         Mr. Lambert asked what the flow of water on the Title 5

         Miss Garbarz says the Title 5 said the flow was for 330

         Mr. Marriner said he wasnít sure at that time what was current for the water flow.

         Miss Garbarz said itís designed for four bedroom, they applied for a variance for a decrease in water flow from 150GPD that Pepperell requires, to have 110GPD according to Title 5.

         Mr. Lambert asked if they approve this, will they have enough water flow for a four bedroom septic system.

         Miss Garbarz said according to the plans they would.

         Mr. Marriner asked to review the plans.

         Mr. Lambert asked Mr. Marriner if he was comfortable with the flow of water for a four bedroom system.

         Mr. Marriner said he was.





























































Mr. Marriner made a motion to accept 56 Harbor St., as a four bedroom house.


Mr. Lambert seconded it.
























































A vote was taken.

All were in favor.




Business: B

Special Town Meeting Article to keep the Secretaryís hours.



































































Other Item:



























Other Item:




















Other Item:
























Old Business:

The legal notice for Title 5 Regulations.









         Discussion of the Special Town Meeting ensued.

         Mr. Lambert would like the Board to get together and discuss putting an article together for the fall meeting. Mr. Lambert would like Mrs. Grogan to contact Mr. Buckley to set up a time that the full Board can meet and discuss an article. He said it needs to be posted 48 hours in advance.


         Mr. Eriksson of Pepperell Free Press asked if anything has been drastically changed from the budget since May.



         Mr. Lambert said the Finance Committee wants to cut the Secretary hours down to 15 hours. We canít have her work for 15 hours per week, its impossible.





         Mr. Marriner said that they have taken our budget for everything else, completely away. The removed mental health services that provided services for the residents who needed it. The rabies clinic is gone. The hazardous waste day is eliminated. Mr. Marriner said the trouble is case in point; you take the incident of a driver who took trash to the recycling center, in another town, and something leaked, or blew up, and they are critical ill. No official cause has been issued yet. †I suspect, someone was trying to get rid of some God forsaken stuff and the towns donít take it anymore, so the guy put it in his trash and the poor guy driving the trash truck became an innocent victim. Mr. Marriner said both persons in the truck were in critical conditions.


         Mr. Eriksson spoke to Mrs. Grogan in her office and he was impressed with the hours she puts in which is over what she gets paid for, and now they want to cut her hours back down to 15 hours.

         Mr. Marriner said 15 hours is a joke.

         Mr. Lambert told Mr. Eriksson that the secretary had come in on a Sunday morning and put in three hours and never put it down. She is giving a lot of her own time and I donít think they care.




         Mr. Marriner said you never know what happens when cutting hazardous waste from the budget. The problem is Mr. or Mrs. Innocent gets hurt trying to clean up the brush on the side of the road and they find something that was thrown there. Our attempt to resolve this problem is to have a hazardous waste day to dispose of this stuff for a minimal fee.

         Mr. Eriksson asked Mrs. Grogan how many hours a week she works.

         Mrs. Grogan said currently she is working 30 hours a week. As of July 1, 2009 her hours were reduced to 15 hours per week, by the Finance Committee. The Board of Health members, voted unanimously to have the Secretary work 30 hours per week as the office is very busy.† †At the Special Town meeting in the fall the Board is going to request XX amount of dollars to be put in the hourly wages in order for the Secretaryís hours can continue through June 30, 2010.



         Mr. Eriksson asked the Board how many hours do they feel that are necessary by the Secretary.

         Mr. Marriner said weíre concerned they are necessary.

         Mr. Lambert replied that other towns are working more hours. He asked how many hours Townsendís BOH Secretary Works?

         Mrs. Grogan replied she works 37 hours per week.

         Mr. Lambert responded that Townsend is not as busy as Pepperell is.†

         Mr. Marriner said there are less people in Pepperellís surrounding towns.

         Mr. Lambert said there are fewer shops in those towns.

         Mr. Lambert said that Kalene, the Health Agent had expressed to him that Pepperell, is a busy town.

         Miss Garbarz said she agrees Pepperell is a busy town.

         Mr. Eriksson said a lot of this doesnít come up because Mr. Lambert did a lot own his own.

         Mr. Lambert explained, a lot of people come in looking for Title 5 plans, and other stuff, and ask questions, and if no one is in the office to answer questions, or help them. I think the Town will be liable for a law suit if something goes wrong if no one is there to answer the phone and taking down information.






         Mr. Eriksson said he recently had a Title 5, and he came into the office for information about the process of getting a Title 5 done, he was very satisfied with the help he received. He stated the Board is going to fight to keep Mrs. Groganís job.







         Mr. Marriner asked Miss Garbarz to bring him up to date with the seasonal flu shots. He wants to know who will get them and what are they. I understand there are two flu shots. Is that a fair statement

         Miss Garbarz informed Mr. Marriner stated the H1N1 flu shot requires two injections.

         Mr. Marriner said the H1N1 shot is a separate entity in itself.

         Miss Garbarz explained there is seasonal flu shots, there is H1N1 requires two shots that requires 21 days in between the two shots for a total of three shots.

         Miss Garbarz explained a meeting took place this morning.

With the Boards of Health, Mr. Garreffi obviously was on the phone since he is the director. Updating because the amount of H1N1 shots, coming out there is now going to be a third. They are going to be picking who gets the shots.

         Mr. Marriner asked how Pepperell gets involved, do we have a selection process, or is first up best dressed, that gets the shots,† where are we.

         Miss Garbarz said she will talk to Mr. Garreffi. She said this is not her department.

         Mr. Marriner just wants to know where Pepperell is as a town, especially the seniors they are going to be saying† do we get 1, 2, 8, 10 shots. So the regular flu shots are available and the H1N1 is short supply. I would like to know who is on the first here and we are headed as a town. If we canít provide these flu shots, we owe it to the citizens of the Town to tell them so they can go to elsewhere, maybe through work, or elsewhere. If they are expecting us to provide the shots and we canít, we are doing them a disservice by telling them we can give the shots when we canít.

         Miss Garbarz said she would update the Board Wednesday.

         Mrs. Grogan, spoke to Mrs. Sharon Fata, Nashoba Nurse. She went to the conference; on H1N1, they said the H1N1 will be given out in two separate doses. Because we are regionalized we may have to go to the High School, and fill out the application and get the shot. Everyone who shows up will be entitled to the shot. She does not know when this will take place. She did say the flu shots are going to start in September rather than October, November. But the pending H1N1is pending.

         †Mr. Marriner said the ordinary flu shot will be given out at the senior center and other places in town. The one thatís mushy is the H1N1, who pays for the cost?

         Mrs. Grogan said their will be no charge according to what she was told.

         Mr. Marriner said the H1N1 shot maybe in another town. How will the senior centers that are on the first line of problems and half of them donít have the ability to get to wherever itís going to be. We need some time to see if we can get a bus or transportation for the people.

         Mrs. Grogan said they are trying to work out these kinks right now.

         Mr. Lambert said the State is working on this now.

         Mr. Marriner said he doesnít want to find out on Monday morning that they have to be at the school on Wednesday. This will put a hardship on people. We have the flu shots down pretty good.

         Miss Garbarz said the flu shots are dispensed by population. This is based on the previous year of shots. Some vaccines had been turned in, thatís not a good thing. She will speak to the Nurse on Wednesday and get back to the Board.

         Mr. Marriner wants to know what the procedure to know well in advance by the use of the newspaper, to inform people this is how you get your flu shot.

         Mr. Lambert asked Mr. Eriksson if he would put the Red Cross Blood Drive on August 22, 2009 in the newspaper.

         Mr. Lambert asked if their any issue she wanted to present to the Board.

         Miss Garbarz asked if the Board would like to give her authority, as we have inter office communication that goes on† with other departments such as the †Conservation department, Zoning, Building departments. For example: a resident wanted to put a pool in their yard, I pulled the septic file looked where the pool would be in relation to the well and septic, and they were in range at twenty three feet away. †I made recommendation only they may want to be a little further away. My question to the Board is it alright for me to sign off, or do you want to see these things first, or allow me to sign off.?

         †Mr. Lambert said that fine. †Thatís why we hired you.

         Miss Garbarz said she just wanted to ask the Board for their permission.

         Mr. Marriner said thank you for asking us, but you are far more competent to look at these things and say whether they comply with the law than we are.

         Miss Garbarz brought up, someone wanting to put in a dog day care kennel. She said ZBA, had already said no, and I myself didnít agree with this either because they donít have the septic to accommodate a kennel, so I offered my comments. Is this something I should approach the Board with at the meetings or do you just want to give me the authority to sign off? Basically Iím making my own decision on my behalf and not the Board.

         Mr. Lambert said if there is something you think you need the Board needs to see, we will work with you.

         Miss Garbarz said you as a Board are giving me authority to sign off. She said fair enough.



         Mr. Lambert and the Board had reviewed the delineations to the 1990 Title 5 Regulations. He said he spoke to the Town Administrator and the Secretary to the Selectmen. Mr. Hanson said the Board needs to vote and sign on the Bylaws. Since Mr. Buckley isnít here it only takes to votes to make it legal. He asked Mr. Marriner if he felt comfortable with the way it reads if so they could vote on it.

         Mr. Lambert asked Mrs. Grogan to put the bylaws in the newspaper as a legal notice.






















































































































































































































Mr. Marriner made a motion to accept the legal notice dated August 18, 2009, regarding supplemental regulations to Title 5.


Mr. Lambert seconded it.





























































































































































































































A vote was taken.

All were in favor.

Mr. Marriner made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Mr. Lambert seconded it. A vote was taken. All were in favor.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:42PM

Next Meeting: †September 01, 2009

Minutes submitted by:†† Sandra Grogan



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† Robert Lambert, Chairperson†† ††††††††††† John Marriner, member† ††††††††††† Alfred Buckley,