Pepperell Board of Health

June 10, 2009 Meeting Minutes



Call to order:               The meeting was called to order at 6:55 p.m.

Members Present:         John Marriner, Robert Lambert, Alfred Buckley

Members Absent:                                                                                                                                                              

Staff Present:              Sandra Grogan, Board Secretary

Guests Present:

Minutes to be approved:   June 2, 2009 Mr. Marriner made a motion to accept the minutes. Mr. Lambert seconded it. Mr. Buckley abstained as he was not on the Board. A vote was taken. Minutes approved.

Topic of Discussion

Relevant Discussion

Action taken

Vote taken



 Business:  A


Welcome new Board member




·         Mr. Lambert opened the meeting with welcoming

       Mr. Buckley as the new Board member.

·         Mr. Marriner also joined in welcoming Mr. Buckley.








Business:   B

Vote on a Chairperson



·         Mr. Buckley recommended Mr. Lambert as the Chairperson.

·         Mr. Marriner agreed with the recommendation.


Mr. Buckley made a motion to have Mr. Lambert as chairperson.

Mr. Marriner seconded it.


A vote was taken. All were in favor

Mr. Lambert abstained from voting.


Business   C

Joining Nashoba



















































Other Business























Permit Fees:




















Weekly Payroll:



Hazardous Waste Day














Other Item:


·         Mr. Lambert had a phone conversation with Mr. Garreffi on June 9, 2009 during the conversation Mr. Garreffi said he would assist the Pepperell Board of Health as much as possible.

·         Mr. Lambert stated the Pepperell BOH has to vote as a Board before June 25, 2009, whether they wish to or decline to join Nashoba Boards of Health. The Board will review the draft make any necessary changes for the welfare of the townspeople.

·         Mr. Marriner asked why the dental service package has to be part of the agreement. The town of Ayer is the only town out of communities that have dental service. Why would we want it and what will it cost.





·         Mr. Buckley said many people have private dental insurance, and if they don’t there are resources out there that they may be eligible for.

·         Mr. Lambert said to put that question on the list of questions for Mr. Garreffi.

·         Mr. Lambert stated the nursing services according to the draft allow Pepperell 10 hours per week. He said if we accept Nashoba they may occupy the front office.

·         Mr. Buckley wanted to know how Nashoba came up with 10 hours.

·         Mr. Marriner read from the draft provided by Nashoba. It states it will provide services Monday-Friday. He asked what if someone needs the nurse on Saturday, who is responsible for that patient.

·         Mr. Lambert explained if there is an emergency Nashoba will provide some type of service.

·         Mrs. Grogan sat with Mrs. Castellano and two nurses from Nashoba; the nurses explained how patients from Pepperell can call the nurses from Nashoba after business hours. Patients will be given a phone number to call Nashoba in case of an emergency.

·         Mr. Lambert asked the Board if they would like to have a meeting with Mr. Garreffi to iron out these questions and others.

·         Mr. Buckley thought $30,000.00 for 10 hours a week is a lot to pay for nursing services.

·         Mr. Lambert expressed that this is a lot of money. He said maybe we don’t need the dental. That’s why we need a meeting.

·         Mr. Marriner agreed. He said other towns are paying much less for their services with Nashoba. He said Groton is paying a total of $30,000.00 per year for all services. What don’t they get that were getting for $61,000.00, and do we need it.

·         Mr. Buckley thought Mr. Marriner comments are valid.

·         Mr. Lambert said Mr. Garreffi, will be able to answer these questions.  Mr. Lambert would like to schedule a meeting with Mr. Garreffi.

·         Mr. Marriner said it would be nice to have Groton and Townsend’s agreement at the meeting so the Board could cover each service. Mr. Marriner said Townsend is only paying $27,000.00 per year.

·         Mr. Lambert explained that Townsend has fewer establishments than Pepperell.


·         Mr. Marriner said he would like to see other town’s agreements.

·         Mr. Lambert asked Mrs. Grogan to get a hold of

       Mr. Garreffi to set up a meeting.

·         Mr. Marriner said try to schedule a meeting for June 18th, or June 19th, 2009

·         Mr. Lambert said this way the Board can take a vote that day. If the BOH accepts joining Nashoba, Mr. Garreffi can bring a letter signed by the Board, to his meeting for June 25, 2009.

·         Mr. Marriner sees a big expense, in providing dental services. Even though I like the idea of dental services we have done with out it up to now.



·         Mr. Lambert wanted to bring up another subject. He expressed his concern about the hours allotted to the Secretary. He feels the BOH may lose the Secretary at 15 hours per week. I would like to see if we can get her for at least 27 hours if not more.

·         Mr. Buckley asked about transferring money from one line to another.

·         Mr. Marriner said you can only transfer 3% from one account to another.

·         Mr. Lambert asked Mrs. Grogan what Mr. Hanson s said as to how to go about it increasing hours.

·         Mrs. Grogan explained at the previous meeting on May 22, 2009. Mr. Hanson explained to the Board you can use the secretary hourly wages for FY 2010, for as many hours you feel she is needed. When the Special Town Meeting takes place in the fall the Board will have to get on the floor to ask to have XX amount of dollars to be put back into her hourly wages to carry her through the end of FY 2010.

·         Mr. Marriner said he heard Mr. Hanson say that.

·         Mr. Lambert asked how the Board felt about doing this.

·          Mr. Buckley agrees with this.

·         Mr. Marriner said what has been appropriated for the 12 months, we will be using in the first three months. We’re assuming the Town will be say they will gives us the extra XX amount of dollars for that account. We may get the money by knocking down some of the services in the Nashoba Boards of Health services. They are getting more work they are also getting more fees. You realize Nashoba gets what we generate for fees on top of their annual service fee. The permit fees will no longer go into the general fund it will go to Nashoba.





·         Mr. Lambert explained to Mr. Buckley the process of fees. We charge may charge more than Nashoba charges for some permits, so a check would be written to the Town of Pepperell and that would go into the town’s general fund.

·         Mr. Marriner asked if Nashoba would send a check to Pepperell over what they charge.

·         Mrs. Grogan said Mr. Garreffi explained at the last meeting they don’t do that for any town.

·         Mr. Buckley asked why Pepperell BOH should charge an additional fee on top of Nashoba’s fee. He feels you are nailing the homeowner twice when the fees are not going to benefit Pepperell BOH.

·         Mr. Marriner said somewhere we have to wear to hats. He can understand the theory behind it.

·         Mr. Lambert said why don’t we leave things the way they are so at least some money is coming into the town. When we need to go before the town for money we can say the BOH brought this much money in.


·         Mr. Buckley asked who inspects these places.


·         Mr. Marriner said it would be Nashoba.


·         Mr. Lambert said he is not sure if they come at night.


·         Mr. Marriner said that is another question that should be asked.


·         Mr. Lambert would like a motion made that anyone on the Board may sign the payroll.



·         Mr. Lambert received his brochure for waste day.

·         Mr. Marriner brought the banner to the Fire Chief for hanging. Mr. Marriner asked if a Police detail was necessary.

·         Mrs. Grogan explained we have money in the budget for a detail office.

·         Mr. Marriner would like to have a couple of signs made up for the waste day. We will be able to use them for future events.

·         Mr. Lambert will come in Wednesday morning to discuss what the sign should say.


·         Mr. Marriner asked if we have any money to hire Herbert Lipton out.

·         Mrs. Grogan said there is none in the budget for that.

·         Mr. Lambert said the Lipton Center  was a very good service for the townspeople.

·         Mr. Marriner explained to Mr. Buckley how the Lipton  Center  helped those who weren’t able to pay for this service.

·         Mr. Buckley looked at Community Healthlink/Lipton Center sheet. This program assisted 141 people.


·         Mr. Lambert mentioned June 30, 2009 is the nurses last day. He said it would be nice for the Board to give her an appreciation gift for her years of service.




























































































































Mr. Marriner made a motion to leave current fees for permits as they are.


Mr. Buckley seconded it.





















Mr. Marriner makes motion that any Board member may sign the payroll.


Mr. Buckley seconded it.



































































































































A vote was taken.

All were in favor.














A vote was taken.

All were in favor.













Bill Warrants/Permits

·         Presented a bill warrant

The Board signed one bill warrant.


Staff Reports:

·         Mrs. Grogan requested to have July 9th and 10th, 09, as vacation days.

The Board agreed.



Mr. Marriner made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Mr. Buckley seconded it All were in favor.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:10pm

Next Meeting:  July 7th and July 21st, 2009

Respectfully submitted by:   Sandra Grogan



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  Robert Lambert, Chairperson               John Marriner                               Alfred Buckley