Pepperell Board of Health

June 2, 2009 Meeting Minutes



Call to order:               The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm.

Members Present:         John Marriner, Robert J. Lambert

Members Absent:                                                                                                                                                              

Staff Present:              Ellen Castellano RN Public Health Nurse, Robin Hebert Animal Inspector, Kevin Ritchie Title V Engineer, Christopher Finn Food Inspector Sandra Grogan Board Secretary

Guests:                         George Russell, NMCOG

Minutes to be approved:  May 19, 2009 Staff meeting & May 19, 2009 Board meeting. Mr. Marriner accepted the May 19th Board meeting minutes, and the May 19th Staff meeting minutes. Mr. Lambert seconded it. A vote was taken. All were in favor

Topic of Discussion

Relevant Discussion

Action taken

Vote taken

Scheduled Appointment: 7:10pm


George Russell


·         Mr. Russell introduced himself as Senior Planner for Northern Middlesex Council of Governments. The town applied for and was granted priority development site status for what is known as the Mill Property. This is a result of town meeting action and application to the State, depending state approval of the site. Funding will come forth from that designation.  The state requires all permitting agencies within the Town of Pepperell, including the Board of Health to make a decision within a time period of 180 days from the time the BOH receives the application. Its one of those requirements the Town will be placing itself in. I want to reiterate policy and procedure only applies to priority development sites. If the town were to adopt another site then the policy and procedure would apply to that one. The State does not require you to approve the application; it only requires you to make a decision within that allotted time.

·         Mr. Marriner wanted to know once the BOH, receive a permit and any additional information, when does the 180 days clock begin ticking.

·         Mr. Russell referred to the Policy for Priority Development Site Chapter 43D Project. He turned the attention of the Board to page 3. A lot of this pertains to your staff and the permitting staff of the town. The policy states once certification is fully complete according to the Board of Health, then at that time the 180 day clock starts.



·         If someone wants to file an application for the Mill site, the first person of contact will be the Town Engineer, Bob Lee. He will call a meeting of all permitting staff including the Board of Health.  At this point the applicant will get a flavor of what the Boards are going to require, what the operating procedures are, what the time frames will be. When the application is complete and filed, the Board may sign the application and now the clock starts ticking. Page 3 states we strongly encourage all complete applications be filed with all Boards and Commissions on the same day. What this will do for all Boards, is the 180 days can start at the same time. Mr. Russell stated the Board of Health is not being asked to change the way the Board does anything, and they are not being asked to approve everything that comes in front of them. They are being asked to make sure the application is complete and you make a decision within the allotted time outlined. Mr. Russell drafted a letter he said here has to be a formal record of the Boards actions tonight in the minutes. Mr. Russell drafted a letter explaining the discussion that took place and have the Board approve the letter and forward it to Mr. Hanson.  Mr. Russell would also like a copy of the letter. The goal with Chapter 43D is all Boards and Commissions can operate in the same time frame. Mr. Russell will be meeting with five other Boards and Commission to have them adopt this policy.














































Mr. Marriner made a motion to accept this letter to be written to Mr. Hanson regarding Chapter 43D process for the Mill site.


Mr. Lambert seconded it.













































A vote was taken.

All were in favor.

Old Business:

Clarification of exemptions for Temporary Food Permits

·         At the previous Board meeting the discussion of having a qualified serv-safe food operator for the Grange Hall suppers was raised. Under 105 CMR 590.003 (A) (2) exempts certain non-profit events from having to have a serv-safe food operator on hand.  The Grange will be applying for a temporary food permit once a month.


·         The Board was presented with a temporary food permit for a high school student who is holding a cake decorating event on June 20, 2009 at the Pepperell Library.






Mr. Marriner made a motion to accept the temporary food permit for Audrey Lambert.


Mr. Lambert seconded it.






A vote was taken.

All were in favor.

Business: A

Procedures for filing a BOH permit application.





Permit applications

·         Mrs. Grogan reminded the public if they apply for a permit from the BOH there are procedures to follow.

·         The Pepperell Board of Health would like to take this time to remind all vendors, and non-profit organizations, who participate in Pepperell’s summer events, that if they apply for a seasonal or temporary food permit, get there paperwork into the BOH office within a reasonable time frame.



·         This allows the BOH to complete inspections and get permits signed before the event. There will be no applying for a permit just a few days prior to an event expecting to get an issued permit. There are procedures to follow no exceptions. Remember you need your permit on you and visible at the time of your doing business.











Mr. Marriner made motion to accept to the letter reminding all vendors. I make a motion so doing it.


Mr. Lambert seconded it.






A vote was taken.

All were in favor.


Business: B

Hazardous Waste Day



·         Mr. Lambert updated the status of the flyers. Approximately 4,550 are being mailed out. Mr. Lambert stated the townspeople would be charged so much a car load. He feels there has to be guidelines. This is only open to Pepperell residents and Townsend residents.

·         Mr. Marriner mentioned his concerned there is no charge listed on the flyer. Mr. Marriner will give the banner to the Fire Chief to hang.



Business: C

Discuss joining Nashoba Boards of Health

·         Mr. Lambert tabled the discussion of joining Nashoba Boards until they have a full Board.

·         Mr. Marriner agrees with tabling the discussion until they get a third member.

·         Mr. Lambert mentioned the Selectmen will be meeting Monday evening to have interviews for the Board seat.




·         The Board signed temporary food permits.

·         The Board signed a reserve fund transfer for Mrs. Castellano’s accrued vacation time.



Mr. Lambert made a motion to close the meeting. Mr. Marriner seconded it. All were in favor

Meeting was adjourned at:   7:45 PM

Respectfully submitted by:   Sandra Grogan




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