Pepperell Board of Health

May 06, 2009 Meeting Minutes



Call to order:               The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Members Present:         Scott Butcher Chairman, Robert J. Lambert

Members Absent:       John Marriner                                                                                                                                  

Staff Present:              Sandra Grogan, Board Secretary

Guests Present: Marcia Zaniboni, 87 Lawrence St. Don Gailmon, Pepperell Free Press


Minutes to be approved:   April 7th and April 15th 2009, were tabled until next meeting

Topic of Discussion

Relevant Discussion

Action taken

Vote taken



 Business:  A


Request for 1year extension on Disposal Permit at 87 Lawrence St.






·         Ms. Zaniboni spoke in behalf of the owners of 87 Lawrence St. The owners wrote a letter authorizing Ms. Zaniboni to speak for them. The Title V had failed almost two years ago. No one is living on the property and house has been on the market the whole time. The owners are hesitating to install the system because they may change it to a four bedroom. They are waiting for a buyer to come along before they make that decision. So they are asking for a longer extension before they have to comply with this.

·         Mr. Lambert said when it failed it failed as a three bedroom. Do they have an engineer coming in?

·         Ms. Zaniboni said that is correct, but they are asking for the extension first. They did get a quote from an engineer. They have but she is trying to get the extension first before anything is done.

·         Mr. Butcher asked if designs and the application have been turned in for the three bedroom house.

·         Ms. Zaniboni said yes.

·         Mr. Butcher then said at some point the owners may want to pull that application back and put an application in for a four bedroom. So the reason they are asking for an extension is because of financial constraints.

·         Ms. Zaniboni replied yes money is a factor and the size of the system that it may or may not have to be is in question. That’s why they are asking for a one year extension.

·         Mr. Butcher replied that he wouldn’t go for a one year extension but he would agree to a six month extension.



·         Mr. Butcher said see how things stand in six months.

·         Mr. Lambert said if you have to come back then come back. Ms. Zaniboni asked in terms of the fee is it $60.00

·         Mr. Butcher said if requires complete design review and it will. It is going to require the $450.00 fee. It will start as a new design.

·         Ms. Zaniboni asked if this would require any new testing.

·         Mr. Butcher said it may because of the addition of the bedroom or repositioning. If it is something minor, we can have leeway in the fees. Perhaps the engineer may want to talk to the health agent this may save some money and time.








Mr. Lambert made a motion to approve a six month extension of the Disposal system construction permit 87 Lawrence St.

Mr. Butcher seconded the motion.




A vote was taken.

All were in favor.










Business: A

Evaluation of Part-time Food Inspector















·         Mr. Lambert said he looked at another job application. It was received to late. Mr. Lambert would like to hold off on talking about hiring someone until after Mr. Marriner is at the meeting.

·         Mr. Butcher said the Town meeting vote does not affect the budget for FY 09 and we need a part-time Food inspector from now until the end of June, 2009.

·         Mr. Lambert asked Mr. Butcher who he had in mind.

·         Mr. Butcher said he likes Sharon White because she can not only do the food inspections, she can do housing complaints as well. She is available, she is qualified. The only question is how much does she want.

·         Mr. Lambert said she wants to move this way.

·         Mr. Butcher said she would only if this became a permanent position. If Nashoba doesn’t get passed at the meeting we will have to hire a Health Agent. So we can hire part-time food inspector now. See how she likes us and vice a versa. Our obligation to her would be until June 30, 2009. We can still consider Bob and any other candidates that we might want is to advertise for, for the Health Agent

·         Mr. Lambert said Bob calls constantly.

·         Mr. Butcher said the thing with Bob is there is flexibility with him.

·         Mr. Lambert said if we hire anyone at 20 hours then we have to pay benefits.

·         Mr. Butcher said if he considered Bob he would consider 30 hours. So right now we need to offer her something. What if we offer her $35.00per hour to do both food and housing inspections?

·         Mr. Lambert said that would be good. He thinks 18 hours per week is feasible. He will go out with her to show her different places.



















Mr. Lambert makes a motion to have Mr. Butcher call Ms. White and offer her $35.00per hour for 18 hours per week.


Mr. Butcher seconded the motion.




















A vote was taken

All were in favor.


Other Item:





Old Business:

Emerson Village



·         Mr. Butcher said there is $17,000.00 in the budget presently. He feels the office will need more administrative support at this time. He wants to increase the secretary’s hours from 30 to 38 starting May 11, 2009.

·         Mr. Lambert thanked Mr. Butcher for all his hard work as Chairman of the Board.

·         Mr. Butcher hoped he could have done more.


When the Emerson development was approved the previous Board required individual deed restrictions limiting the number of bedrooms as only two and three bedrooms with a deed restriction.

·         Mr. Butcher received an email from Mr. Ritchie, stating the developer has built a model home and doesn’t want to put the deed restriction on it until he sells the home. He wants his occupancy permit before he puts the deed restriction on it. Mr. Butcher doesn’t understand what the difference is. We do this all the time with people for example: when a homeowner puts in a Presby system we make them put deed restriction on their house even though ownership of the house is not changing. So I don’t understand why we wouldn’t want to put the deed restriction put on now. He will have to do it soon or later. I would rather have the deed restriction on now and get it over with.


Mr. Butcher made a motion to increase the secretary’s hours from 30 to 38 hours per week starting Monday May 11, 2009.







Mr. Lambert makes the motion to have the deed restriction put on now.


Mr. Butcher seconded the motion.


Mr. Butcher will communicate this to Mr. Ritchie on Thursday May 7, 2009.















A vote was taken.

All were in favor.

Bill Warrants/Permits

·         8 Winslow Court, SDS Construction permit signed with the deed restriction on it.

·         The deed restriction will be put on all disposal construction permits from this point on regarding the Emerson Village project.






Mr. Lambert makes a motion to accept putting the deed restriction in print on all disposal construction permits for the Emerson Village project.


Mr. Butcher seconded the motion.






A vote was taken.

All in favor.


Mr. Butcher made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Mr. Lambert seconded. All were in favor.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:25pm

Next Meeting:  May 19, 2009

Respectfully submitted by:   Sandra Grogan


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  Scott Butcher, Chairperson                  John Marriner                               Robert J. Lambert