Pepperell Board of Health

April 21, 2009 Meeting Minutes



Call to order:†††††††††††††† The meeting was called to order at 7:02 p.m.

Members Present:†††††††† Scott Butcher Chairman, Virginia Malouin,

Members Absent:††††††† John Marriner†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

Staff Present:††††††††††††††† Robert Lambert, Health Inspector, Sandra Grogan, Board Secretary

Guests Present:

Minutes to be approved:†† Mrs. Malouin made a motion to accept March 17, 2009 minutes.

Mr. Butcher seconded it. All were in favor.

Topic of Discussion

Relevant Discussion

Action taken

Vote taken


Bill Warrant/Licenses


         The Board was presented with a bill warrant.

         Permits for disposal construction work at 88 Shirley St and 1 Winslow Court was signed.

         The Little League Concession Food Stand permit was presented to the Board for signing.

         Mrs. Malouin said the Board should not be signing permits before these places are inspected.

         Mr. Butcher agreed with Mrs. Malouin.


Board signed the bill warrant.



Mr. Butcher tabled the Little League Concession Food Stand permit until it is inspected by the Food Inspector.



Other Items:

Landfill Contract













Other Items:

Ceiling Tiles in Trailer























Scheduled Appointment: A

7:15 Interview for Temporary Part-time Food Inspector

Sharon White





Scheduled Appointment: A

7: 15pm Sharon White





























Scheduled Appointment: A

Sharon White































Sharon White






















Scheduled Appointment: B

8:30 Interview for Temporary Part-time Food Inspector

Christopher Finn










         Mrs. Malouin asked Mr. Butcher where we stand with the post closure of the landfill contract.

         Mr. Butcher said the Board should award the contract to CEA, Inc., since they were the low responsive bidder. They had met all the requirements. There references checked out. So a vote could be taken this evening.

         Mrs. Malouin asked if they submitted the last three years of financial statements as requested.

         Mr. Butcher was not sure. What he did say, the Board of Health, could award the contract contingent upon receiving and approving the documentation.












         Mrs. Malouin received a survey from Marcia Benes, of Mass. Association of Health Boards. She is looking for the Pepperell Board of Health to stamp the survey before the end of June. She passed it to Mr. Butcher.

         Mr. Butcher accepted.

         Mrs. Malouin was wondering if the ceiling tiles, in the trailer were going to get replaced.

         Mr. Lambert said he had spoken to Mr. Hanson previously about it and was told to do what ever he had to by Mr. Hanson. Mr. Lambert said he would go see Mr. Clark to see if he had any extra tile. Mr. Lambert said he has insulation at home.

         Mr. Butcher said his concern is that it doesnít make sense to replace tile or insulation without repairing the leak in the roof.

         Mr. Lambert, said the claimed some work was done it. Mr. Lambert he would be able to tell by Wednesday since it was going to rain all night Tuesday. Mr. Lambert said he asked Mr. Hanson for all the copies of air quality at the trailer. Mr. Hanson said he has the copies and would give them to Mr. Lambert. Mr. Hanson said there is no mold. Mr. Lambert doesnít feel its worth replacing the tiles and then the roof leaks again, thatís how he left it with Mr. Hanson.


         Mrs. Malouin said she resigned from the Worcester Regional Medical Reserve Corp. They had sent me all the training classes. I donít know if Ellen has a copy of that or as a Board member if John is interested. Iíll pass that on.


         Mr. Butcher gave the forms to Mrs. Grogan and said the Board would have to talk about having them put on the agenda for the next meeting.



         Mr. Butcher explained the position is a little bit in limbo because the Board is waiting to see what is going to happen with Town meeting. But he said we are in need of a Food inspector now. Mrs. Malouin has been helping the Board with the food inspections, and since she will not be running for re-election she will not be doing the food inspections. We have the funding for a Temporary Part-time Food inspector until June 30, 2009.







         Depending on Town meeting there is a couple of possibilities. One is we may be joining the Nashoba Boards of Health, in which case they will be taking care of our food inspections, etc.. If that doesnít get voted in then we will end up with our own staff, with the intention of hiring a full time Health Agent. In which he/she will have the food certification to do food inspections. But I donít know how fast thatís going to happen. It may go into the next fiscal year FY 2010 that we have a temporary part-time Food inspector. Until we make a hiring decision on the Health Agent those are the scenarios we have right now. We have basically 45 establishments in town that need regular inspections twice a year. Usually we have vendors during the carnivals the 4th of July, and Labor Day. There are some seasonal food inspections

         Mr. Butcher said after reviewing Ms. Whiteís resume she is more than qualified for the position at hand. He asked her from her prospective, would a temporary part-time position work for out? He mentioned she could make your own schedule.

         Ms. White explained she is on unemployment, and is able to make so much a week. Beyond what she is getting from unemployment. She also related she worked in the city of Amesbury. This was the first city that ever closed the Board of Health down. She misses working. The flexibility of this position would be great.

         Mr. Butcher said as far as inspections, as long as she keeps to the cycle of every six months or sooner she can make her own schedule.

         Mr. Lambert said he would help her to go around to the restaurants.

         Mr. Butcher said we have a running list of when they are due.

         Ms. White asked if we have a fee schedule for re-inspections at restaurants. She said if the Board was ever interested in implementing she would help. Sometimes this helps brings compliance faster and helps bring in some revenue in.

         Mr. Butcher said these are things based on a budgetary standpoint, may become a necessity outside our regular fee schedule.






         Mrs. Malouin had a couple of scenarios for Ms. White. First she asked how would she implement Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Program and then ensure the compliance of it.

         Ms. Whiteís response was to first to explain what it means. It is a measuring device of preventing the food product to be measured for critical time and temperatures and every step of the product to prevent contamination of the food.

         Mrs. Malouin asked how she would implement in schools and restaurants and ensure compliance.

         Ms. White said they have to be trained and certified. She would want them to show her by demonstrating a raw product. They have to keep sheets and data of when they checked it. And if there was a problem they have to chart the time of measurement and how long it took to correct it the problem. She said there is a four hour window for safety product for food. I would make sure they were trained and demonstration is important.

         Mrs. Malouin asked Ms. White what she would do to make sure the local food vendors who are applying for a food application, are in compliance with food safety regulations

         Ms. White would have them fill out an application first. If their menu consists of soda and chips I would look for outdates. They wouldnít have to be serv-safe certified to sell prepackaged products. If they were selling sandwiches that could pose a potential food borne illness, I would make sure they are up to date food certification. I would make sure they have thermometers and the temperatures are where they are supposed to be at. make sure they have a three bay sink. Check the temperature of the hand washing station. Ask them to demonstrate how they wash there hands. Make sure they have clean gloves. I would make sure they would separate there food from a raw or cooked food.

         Mrs. Malouin thinks she is thorough. How much secretarial support would you require in terms of reports, and if you had to get a letter out would you use a lap top and type up the letter yourself.

         Ms. White said if itís something she could do herself she would.








         Mr. Butcher said his concern mostly the distance you would have to travel. Would this become a problem over time?

         Ms. White said the weather is good now and Pepperell doesnít know how there situation is going to turn out. She is open to re-locating if something worked out more permanently for her.

         Mr. Butcher asked the rate of pay.

         Ms. White said $45.00. She asked Mr. Butcher if that was that was a little steep. She asked for them to offer her something.

         Mr. Butcher said the budget is operating at $27.00 per hour.

         Ms. White asked would any mileage be included.

         Mr. Butcher did say we have a town vehicle at our disposal. You would have to use your personal car to get here, and then you could use the town vehicle.

         Mr. Lambert asked Ms. White if she had any housing experience.

         Ms. White expressed that housing is her expertise. She has done housing since she started in this field. You could ask me any regulation and I could name it off.

         Mr. Lambert asked if she would accept the same amount of money if she was to do housing and food inspections.

         Ms. White said she would like a little more but itís up to the Board.

         Mr. Butcher said they would have to look and see whatís remaining in the budget. He expressed that there are probably more housing complaints than food complaints.

         Ms. White may be able to start on May 4, 2009.

         Mrs. Malouin wanted to know if she had any references.

         Ms. White will email Mrs. Grogan, her references. She wanted to know if a cell phone was available.

         Mr. Butcher and Mrs. Malouin thanked her for coming in.



         Mr. Butcher explained that this position as it stands is a temporary position that could end as of June 30, 2009, if the Board of Health joins Nashoba Boards of Health. The Board will have a better idea after the Town Meeting. If it gets voted down the position could run into next fiscal year.

         Mr. Butcher and Mrs. Malouin having looked at his resume knows Mr. Finn has been working in Restaurant business for approximately 12 years. He is serv-safe certified. The Board wanted to know how he runs his kitchen operation.



         Mr. Finn explained that they have an inspector that comes in once a month. He moved to Pepperell about a month ago. He would like to get involved with the town. He said he was always learning in his profession.


         Mr. Butcher explained there is flexibility for scheduling time for the inspections. He said every six months the restaurants have to be inspected. There are other types of inspections that have to be done periodically. Then only area that may be more demanding is when you have to handle food complaints.


         Mr. Finn works the second shift and if he had to go in work he could make arrangements. He understands you need someone that can respond when a situation arises.


         Mrs. Malouin asked Mr. Finn what his salary requirements.


         Mr. Finn explained this job is extra for him. He would be helping the BOH but the BOH would be helping him to get more involved with the community. He is willing to negotiate his salary.


         Mrs. Malouin asked Mr. Finn to describe the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point














Mr. Butcher made a motion to award the Landfill monitoring contract to CEA, Inc, for the next three years, contingent on receiving there last three years of financial statements and the lead engineerís resume.


Mrs. Malouin seconded the motion.

A vote was taken. All were in favor.







































































































































































Mrs. Malouin made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Mr. Butcher seconded. All in favor

Meeting was adjourned at 8:20 pm

Next Meeting: †April 21, 2009

Respectfully submitted by:†† Sandra Grogan


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