Pepperell Board of Health

April 15, 2009 Meeting Minutes



Call to order:†††††††††††††† The meeting was called to order at 7:02 p.m.

Members Present:†††††††† Scott Butcher Chairman, Virginia Malouin,

Members Absent:††††††† John Marriner†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

Staff Present:††††††††††††††† Sandra Grogan, Board Secretary

Guests Present: Don Eriksson, Nashoba Publishing,

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FY 2010

         Mrs. Malouin has given the budget a great deal of thought. She thinks the compromised budget that Mr. Butcher and Terry came up with is reasonable and the bottom line figure she can go along with. She can not justify cutting out Lipton. She went through the report Lipton gave the BOH. The number of clients seen range from 117 to 135 per quarter. Total number of visits last year was 4,108 visits. If you take $5,000.00 and 4,108 visits the cost to the town is a little less than $1.25 per visit. She doesnít have to preach about the value of Lipton. It would be irresponsible morally, to eliminate Lipton. If someone wants to be hard nosed and say let them go down the Nissitissit River in a life boat itís not my problem, I have my own that is the wrong approach to take. Some of those people will survive on their own some wonít. The $5,000.00 that is spent trying to rise people up to where they can function effectively will be a drop in the bucket to what is spent down the road in human services. I think we need Lipton. Now the question is how do you get the $5,000.00. I looked at hours of the personnel I didnít feel comfortable cutting those back because they have already been cut back. So I propose the following cuts that will have minimal effect on the budget. Hazardous Waste budget has $6,500.00, I propose by cutting that by $3,500.00. We can use the remainder of that line item for educating people about Hazardous Waste, and offer small vouchers until the $3,500.00 is gone .Then they will have go to a regional Hazardous Waste Day. I propose we cut $300.00 in Conference registration I have always been successful in getting full or partial scholarships, or attending conferences that donít cost anything. The Dues for $25.00 I would eliminate. I would deduct $40.00 in Sundries. This would cut $3, 365 from the BOH budget without making too much of an impact.



         The nursing budget has $1,500.00 for nursing services. We havenít had any complaints when Ellenís been out that these were needed. I propose we eliminate it.

         Conference registration I would eliminate $85.00, Cut the Prescriptions account of $25.00. Line item of $25.00 for Memberships I would eliminate. . So cut $3,365.00 from the BOH budget, and $1,635.00 from the Nursing budget and you may be able to restore $5, 00.00 for Lipton services. Thatís what my recommendation would be.

         Mr. Butcher said what bothers him is the Finance committee has no grasp on what the BOH does. They still have the Secretary at 15hours per week and they have eliminated the Nursing budget completely. They have eliminated the $65,100 for the requested Health agent position. Now they want to cut the Hebert Lipton. I informed Terry they didnít factor in the savings for the Landfill monitoring. The Landfill budget request was not asked to be increased 10% this is a savings to the town. I said thatís money we should get back, somewhere. The Finance Committee doesnít want to hear that. They are determined to tell us what were going to do and how are going to staff. Unfortunately they are putting themselves in a position where Iím getting mad and frustrated and Iím going to make them look very foolish on Town floor.

         Mrs. Malouin said we have the right as a Board to try to secure funding as far as the staff goes to run this department.


         Mr. Butcher expressed when it comes to the Secretaryís position my question is going to be, please tell me what part of her job is going away. When they canít answer that Iím going to turn to the Townís people and say they donít know, and do you know why they donít know itís because they donít have a clue on what the BOH does. When we have tried to explain it goes in one ear out the other.












































         Mrs. Malouin said we have to see the contract from Nashoba. If Nashobaís contract does not include secretarial duties then her duties do not go away. If the contract does include secretarial duties that would be covered by the secretary, then I would have to say to Mrs. Grogan, your hours are going away. You have to look at the contract. To my knowledge Pepperell is paying more for Nashoba because we are go to get greater services is that true?



         Mr. Butcher said that is true, the town is going to give more Nursing services. That was rolled into the contract that was proposed last fall with the previous Board of Health.

         Mrs. Malouin she would like to see the draft copy of the contract with details the specifics. I know Nashoba said they would provide twenty four seven nursing care. I would like them to explain what they mean. Do they mean that the Nashoba Nurse who works for the town will come in and do an assessment? Then channel this person into the visiting nurses association which will be billing, I think thatís probably where they are going.

         Mr. Butcher said their will be trades off in services with Nashoba, no doubt. They guaranteed the Nurse would be in Pepperell for at least 10 hrs a week. They donít do that in other towns. Thatís what the $63,000.00 contract was based on. The town is getting more nursing services.

         Mrs. Malouin replied the contract is not based on any increase in secretarial services for the office.

         Mr. Butcher that she is correct is saying that.

         Mrs. Malouin said this is not appropriate

         Mr. Butcher said no its not. I have asked the Finance committee what part of her job goes away. They donít know. How can you cut her by fifteen hours? They responded by saying they need to find the money somewhere. We have done our job trying to save the town money and we are being punished for it. As far as our proposed budget the nursing budget will be based on twenty-hours per week. He asked Mrs. Malouin if she is in agreement with that.

         Mrs. Malouin said I think under the circumstances yes.

         Mr. Butcher said if we make these cuts discussed then the BOH will be able to save Hebert Lipton Services.

         Mrs. Malouin recommended the budget cuts to save Hebert Lipton.

         Mrs. Malouin expressed the Finance Committee doesnít understand Mental Health issues.

         Mr. Butcher said most people discount it as non-essential. Given the times we are in living in with this economic crisis, surely we are in need of these services.




         Mrs. Malouin referred to the $9,000.00 that was in the Lipton line item back in FY 08.† That had been reduced to $5,000.00 in the FY 09 budget and now the Finance committee wants to eliminate it completely.


         Mr. Butcher expressed his aggravation as to when you give something up the Finance committee has a short memory what you gave up. He explained the things that going to change if we go with Nashoba, is the 65,000.00 that we allocated for the Health Agent, and the entire nursing budget and the secretarial hours are eliminated from the budget.

         Mrs. Malouin added the $30,000.00 the town collects in revenue will also go away.

         Mr. Butcher added that additional money cut from the secretarial budget will bring them to the $93,000.00. This is assuming the secretary is at fifteen hours per week. This would allow a full-time agent if Nashoba doesnít come in. Again a fifteen hour a week secretary.

         Mrs. Malouin said you would have to have your Agent type letters, mail them. Fifteen hours a week would only allow a secretary to answer phone, take messages and channel things off.

         Mr. Butcher agreed. When you factor in health care benefits youíre only talking about $20,000.00 savings if you go with Nashoba after you factor in the lost revenue from the BOH current budget.

         Mrs. Malouin said the Finance Committee wants the secretariesí hours down to fifteen hours per week regardless whether or not Nashoba gets in.

         Mr. Butcher said the Finance Committee wanted a 10% cut across the board. That would bring the Secretary to twenty-seven hours per week. They are cutting the Nurses position by 33% bringing her hours down from 30 to 20 hours per week.

         Mrs. Malouin said this would be the first time she would not support the Finance Committee. She expressed it needs to be contested with the Finance Committee.


         Mr. Butcher said Hebert Lipton and the secretariesí hour are certainly worth fighting for. We will take the 10% because we will do our part. If the Secretary is not there, the doors are locked the phone is not being answered. So your service window for the BOH has just been cut in half. A portion of the fifteen hours will be for the minutes. Youíre probably left with twelve hours for BOH. What are you suppose to accomplish with that little time. Mr. Butcher said the Finance Committee is setting up the BOH for failure he wonít stay.


         Mrs. Malouin asked Mr. Butcher what he thought of sticking to the budget they are proposing and making cuts that were discussed and putting Lipton services back in.



         Mr. Butcher agreed, but he said looking the BOH is missing parts of the budget. He said itís a game thatís being played and he does not like it.

         Mrs. Malouin called the secretary to get the Lipton sheet because it was missing from the packet.

         Mr. Butcher looked at the Landfill monitoring line item, and said the BOH will be saving $6,792.00 the first year, over the next three years the savings will probably amount to $18,000.00 to $19,000.00.

         Mrs. Malouin said this budget may be palatable to the town. Whereas Nashoba, may not be. If we come in with such a low budget that you cannot function it will be an awful situation.

         Mr. Butcher was asked about the budget. He said these are the scenarios the Finance Committee proposed for the BOH. The BOH put in a requested budget which the members think is needed to run the department. There may still be cuts. The second scenario is Nashoba gets voted in, we can live within the budget that left for our function. The worst thing that can happen is Nashoba doesnít get voted in and the town votes in only the money then we are position that we may not be able to function, or function like we are this year where we piece mail, outsourced part-time staff that is a recipe for disaster. Knock on wood we havenít gotten ourselves into any deep trouble yet. My concern is that we are not going to have staff knowledgeable to do the right thing to keep us out of trouble. Iím not going to be on the defendant side of the docket. I have to have these numbers turned in by the morning so they can be posted on the warrant on Friday. I think we should leave the numbers the same, I donít see why we should cut another thing. I think we should go in with this sheet; and say fine we have saved the town some money in landfill monitoring. The Finance committee has cut hazardous waste down to $6,500.00,


         The BOH will cut it down to $3,500.00, I donít like it but I can live with it.

         Mrs. Malouin said putting the $5,000.00 back into Lipton and trying to retrieve it from conferences, membershipís shows that the BOH has really tried.

         Mr. Butcher has no great objection to the cuts, he can live with them. He wants to make sure the BOH has the right staff in place. If we take our two current budget proposals, $105,615.00 proposal and cut another $3,000.00 from Hazardous Waste.

         Mrs. Malouin said take away conference registration in BOH budget. Take away the line item for dues of $25.00, and cut sundries by $40.00. Mrs. Malouin said she would cut the $1,500.00 out of nursing services since we havenít used it. Cut the conference registration of $85.00. Cut Subscriptions and Memberships. These are way hours are not touched.

         Mr. Butcher said the nurses hours would be as twenty hours per week.

         Mr. Butcher said the BOH will be able to keep Liptonís services and hopefully restore hours for the Nurse.

         Mrs. Malouin said itís reasonable; you have a responsibility to be responsible.

         Mr. Butcher said he compared Nashobaís fees to the BOH health fees. The townís fees in some cases are higher. He said that we could give Nashoba the fee they are charging and if it lowers than our fee we can keep the remainder. So we are not raising our fees we will keep the remainder of the revenue for the town. We may want to change our fee schedule to match theirs. I think this something we would want to do before

†††††† July 1, 2009





































































































































































Mr. Butcher asked all those in favor of the budget changes say I


Mrs. Malouin agreed.


All were in favor.




Mrs. Malouin made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Mr. Butcher seconded. All in favor

Meeting was adjourned at 8:20 pm

Next Meeting: †April 21, 2009

Respectfully submitted by:†† Sandra Grogan


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