Pepperell Board of Health

March 3, 2009 Meeting Minutes



Call to order:               The meeting was called to order at 7:01 p.m.

Members Present:         Scott Butcher Chairman, Virginia Malouin, John Marriner

Members Absent:                                                                                                                                                              

Staff Present:                Sandra Grogan, Board Secretary

Guests Present:


Minutes to be approved:   February 24, 2009 tabled to March 3rd

Topic of Discussion

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Old Business:


216 South Rd.



·         Mr. Butcher had drafted two enforcement letters; one for rental property and one for single family homes that have not complied with the 310 CMR 15.000 Mass. Title V regulations. Mr. Butcher would like to use these letters as a standard enforcement letter to enforce anyone who is is violation of Title 5 guidelines. The purpose of this letter is to get people to comply with the regulations, which is in their best interest. Not to threaten or burden them fines.

·         A discussion took place as to how many days from the time the homeowner, or landlord of unit(s) have to comply.

·         Mrs. Malouin asked what is” as soon as possible”. A month. What if the office gets a call and the person on the other end of the phone asks what’s as soon as possible how does the Secretary respond?

·         Mr. Marriner said give the homeowner/landlord 45 days to get the job moving forward. Mr. Marriner and Mrs. Malouin agreed.

·         Mr. Butcher will put additional wording in the letter and work with Secretary to get this letter out to 216 South Rd., as soon as possible.




Title 5 Procedures:



Hazardous Waste Day:



Hazardous Waste Day






Warrant Article:















Medicare Billing



















Part-time Food Inspector:








Scotch Pine

·         Mr. Marriner wanted to table this topic.



·         Clean Harbors was contacted for Saturday, June 20, 2009. We have received the contract and Mr.

              Butcher will show Mr. Hanson the contract before signing





·         Mr. Marriner wanted to know if the Board of Health has a flyer to give out to the townspeople.

·         Mrs. Malouin said we should have one at the office.

·         Mr. Butcher mentioned that in the past when Hazardous Waste days were held a flyer would be mailed to all Pepperell residents. He will check into this.



·         Mrs. Malouin asked about an article being put on the warrant for Pepperell Board of Health to join Nashoba Boards of Health.  Mrs. Malouin said it is up to the Board of Health to submit a warrant article.

·         Mr. Butcher said the time had already expired for submitting a warrant article.

·         Mrs. Malouin said the Board was given a little extra time.

·         Mr. Marriner wanted to know what this article will do for Board of Health

·         Mr. Butcher told Mr. Marriner, you purchase services from Nashoba Associated Boards of Health for Town of Pepperell. He explained if the Finance Committee approves the Boards original request, then when the warrant article for joining Nashoba Boards of Health can just passed over. Mr. Marriner asked if we don’t get our approved budget then what do we do.

·         Mr. Butcher said we continue to run on a part-time office.

·         Mr. Marriner said he is against having Nashoba Boards of Health coming into Pepperell.

·         Mrs. Malouin expressed that he has a right to his opinion, but give the public an opportunity to vote on it.


·         Mrs. Malouin voiced her concern over last year’s Medicare Part B claims. She said the clock is ticking away for re-submittal.


·         Mr. Butcher explained that we have received our NPI number for the claim forms from NHIC, Corporation. We tried to have Mrs. Grogan put on as delegated authority, who would be able to sign the claim forms if Mr. Butcher could not but, they would not accept her as authoritative delegate. So as it stand s Mr. Butcher has to sign the claims as they come in.








·         Mrs. Malouin asked “is it appropriate to ask Mrs. Castellano to fill out some of those papers?”

·         Mr. Butcher said she should be able re-submit last year’s paperwork. She would until March 31, 2009, to complete and mail out, this gives her almost a whole month.

·          Mr. Butcher will be checking in with Mrs. Castellano to see how she is doing with the claims.


·         The part-time Food Inspector has been posted on web-site. Mrs. Grogan called Charter Communication; she is waiting for a return call.


·         Mr. Butcher would like to have in addition to the job posting, the Rabies Clinic and the Hazardous Waste Day on Charter Communications community public access channel.


·         Mr. Blood told Mr. Butcher that he would like to set up the banquet tent on an event by event basis only.

·         Mrs. Malouin was reading a letter from ZBA, asking for any comments from the BOH.  Mrs. Malouin said

Mr. Blood has changed his wording with reference to lavatory facilities. Originally he was going to rent a trailer on site that contained his and her bathroom. Now the letter states bathroom or porta potties will be on site for an event.


·         Mr. Butcher is concerned about the water flow that goes into the septic system when preparing food for 150 people. He is concerned about the design of the flow of the septic system. If you’re preparing a lot of food all that water goes into the system that had been designed for a 46 seat restaurant. Mr. Butcher has been in contact with DEP, and is waiting for their response. He hopes to have an answer by next meeting.










Mr. Marriner made a motion that gives the Chairperson authority to sign the Clean Harbors contract 

Mrs. Malouin seconded the motion.












Mrs. Malouin made a motion that Mr. Butcher talk to Mr. Hanson to come up with a warrant article.


Mr. Marriner seconded.



























Mr. Butcher made a motion to have Mrs. Castellano resubmit the 2008 Medicare Part B forms by March 31, 2008.


Mr. Marriner seconded the motion.











All were in favor.


















A vote was taken. All were in favor.



















A vote was taken. All were in favor.










A vote was taken.

All were in favor.


Other Item:






Other Item:


Masy System, Inc., will be having an open house for the public on March 12, 2009 from 12:00-8:00pm. The Board is welcome to attend.








·         Mr. Jeff Sauer, the web-site overseer asked the Board if they would like to have approved minutes put on the web-site for the public’s access. He said other departments are participating as well.

·         The Board agreed with this idea. Mr. Butcher wanted the townspeople to know they are a very open Board. The meetings are televised, and having the minutes made public keeps the public informed.







Bill Warrant


One bill warrant signed.




Mr. Butcher made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Mr. Marriner seconded. All were in favor.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:25pm

Next Meeting:  March 17, 2009

Respectfully submitted by:   Sandra Grogan


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  Scott Butcher, Chairperson                  Virginia Malouin                            John Marriner