Pepperell Board of Health

February 17, 2009 Meeting Minutes



Call to order:               The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Members Present:         Scott Butcher Chairman, Virginia Malouin, John Marriner

Members Absent:                                                                                                                                                              

Staff Present:                Robert Lambert Health Inspector, Sandra Grogan, Board Secretary

Guests Present: Don Piktialis, Diane Gaspar, Nancy Shepard, Fran Bergeron, Charlotte  Bennett, Connie Zukowski, Paul Tracey, Flora Morgan, Lois Melillo, Ellie & Don Lindgren, Rita Bessett, Joseph Way


Minutes to be approved:   February 03, 2009. A motion was made to accept minutes. Motion was seconded. A vote was taken. All were in favor.

Topic of Discussion

Relevant Discussion

Action taken

Vote taken



Scheduled Appointment:  7:15


Mr. Don Piktialis, Community Healthlink
























Community Healthlink:


·         The Board invited Mr. Piktialis to enlighten them on the process and participation of services provided by Lipton.

·         Mr. Piktialis explained once a person has exhausted their benefits, or has no insurance Lipton bills Pepperell BOH as the payer of last resort. This cost occurs when a person in need of their services has no other means to pay for services.

·         Finance Committee member Diane Gasper asked how many townspeople fell into this category. She was told 158 persons. She also inquired why would persons that are mandated by the State to have universal health insurance not be covered through their insurance when needing services from Lipton.

·         Mr. Piktialis responded that some persons who come into their facility for medically necessary treatment do not have universal health insurance due to many reasons.

·         Mrs. Gasper asked if a person has 10 visits per year through their insurance and they have used them, but need more visits could the therapist or whoever they are seeing write the insurance company requesting this person needs more visits.

·         Mr. Piktialis said in private practices people use their visits allotted through insurance and then when they have no other means to pay they are sent to Lipton.



·         Mrs. Malouin wanted to know how Lipton’s services work within the school system.

·         Lipton is contracted with the schools; they only into the school as the need arise. Lipton bills the patient’s private insurance. They do not bill the town for any remaining unpaid balance. Lipton will go into the school if they have been requested by the school for group counseling such as a death of a student. Lipton doesn’t cover a major disaster.

       If there were ever a major disaster the Red-Cross would                  

        provide its services.

·         Mr. Butcher asked if these services were reduced or eliminated how this would affect residents that are participating in the service.

·         Mr. Piktialis told the Board if an individual is currently receiving their services, and the money decreases or eliminated, they will not be able to continue to provide services. There is no free care money.

·         Ms. Bergeron expressed her support for this program. She said $5,000.00 which the Town of Pepperell pays for Lipton Health Services is a drop in the bucket when someone wants to jump off a bridge and is saved through these services.

·         Mrs. Gasper expressed these services unfortunately increase taxes

·         Mr. Piktialis feels these services are valuable. Many towns are up against tough economic hard times. He was glad to help explain these issues so the Board can make an informed decision.

·         Mr. Butcher thanked Mr. Piktialis for coming out and answering many questions.






Clark’s Retirement Home Park


















Clark’s Retirement Home Park


  • Mr. Marriner, one of the Board members, excused himself from the discussion and left the building as he is an abutter to this property.
  • Ms. Frances Bergeron read a letter to the Board members on behalf of the senior residents with concerns of Mr. Clark not meeting the deadline of December 31, 2008 to complete the task of connecting the trailer park homes to town sewerage
  • Mr. Butcher explained he had spoken to Mr. Boyer, of the DEP, about Mr. Clark not complying with the consent letter giving Mr. Clark the deadline of December 31, 2008. Mr. Butcher asked if there is anything the local Board could do such as administer fines. The DEP said that Mr. Clark is showing goodwill to get this project done. He has purchased thousands of dollars of materials. The DEP is waiting until spring; once the snow is gone this project can move forward.
  • The Board was told that the Attorney Generals Office is not satisfied with lack of progress. Mr. Butcher said Attorney General should contact the DEP so all parties can come to an agreement.
  • The Board asked if there were any current problems such as outbreaks of raw sewage. Another concern is Mr. Clark has been adding units.
  • Mrs. Malouin asked if the total number of units is increasing. The response was no.
  • Mr. Butcher said there can be no increase of flow. If Mr. Clark is removing an old unit and replacing it that is allowable. Mr. Butcher and the Board re-assured the residents of the trailer park they will keep on top the situation. The discussion ended.
  • Mr. Marriner returned to the meeting at 8:30pm.











Old Business:

Continuity of Operation Plans



·         Mr. Butcher explained with the Towns Elections coming up names may change so it would be appropriate to wait until after the elections to put in names of the elected officials. Mr. Butcher will have his name put in as Chairperson for the time being.




Business: A

Alternative Septic Systems














Alternative Septic Systems


·         Alternative Septic Systems are septic systems that have been installed and recorded on the property deed. With this type of system it is the home owner’s responsibility to maintain this system by a contracted agreement as long as they reside at the property. The DEP has implemented this regulation. This is a bi-annual inspection from a licensed company that performs such testing. The Board of Health will receive a copy from the contracted firm.

·         It has come to the Board’s attention that some home owners with these types of alternative systems having not been keeping up with their bi-annual testing as required by the DEP.

·         Mr. Marriner asked if a home owner fails to maintain their system and decides to sell their home could they be in title 5 failure for non-complying

·         Mrs. Malouin feels educating people and letting them know the importance of keeping their system in good maintenance is beneficial for all. Getting a list of inspectors that do this type of work could help the homeowner.


·         Mr. Butcher said a letter could be sent out to those who are not in compliance with a list and ask them to send the Board of Health the name of the company they are contracting with along with a copy of the inspections performed. We will get a list of inspectors.




























Bill Warrants/Permits




·         G.W. Shaw & Son Rubbish Collection permit, Pepperell Family Pharmacy retail food permit.

·         One bill warrant




The Board signed warrant and permits.



Staff Reports



·         Animal Inspector, Robin Hebert, completed barn inspections. The Board said the report is very thorough.

·         Hazardous Waste Day Collection can be scheduled for any Saturday in June.

·         Mr. Lambert informed board there are no violations from 29 Shawnee Rd. He also did a re-inspection at 8A Shawnee Rd., and the trash problem that exists is about 50% cleaned up.






Other Items:


·         Mrs. Malouin brought up hiring a part-time food inspector. The Board of Health has been without one for three months. Mrs. Malouin has been doing the inspections.

·         Mr. Butcher doesn’t feel comfortable hiring someone and then have to tell them their position is gone because the town voted on having Nashoba Boards of Health will be taking on this position.

·         Articles for the May meeting have to be completed and turned in by 2:00pm on March 3rd, 09.

·         A Board meeting has been scheduled for February 24, 2009 to discuss these warrant articles.




Mr. Marriner made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Mrs. Malouin seconded. All were in favor.

The meeting was adjourned for open session at 9:08pm

Next Meeting:  February 24, 2009

Respectfully submitted by:   Sandra Grogan


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