Pepperell Board of Health

January 20, 2009 Meeting Minutes



Call to order:†††††††††††††† The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Members Present:†††††††† Scott Butcher Chairman, Virginia Malouin, John Marriner

Members Absent:††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

Staff Present:††††††††††††††† Robert Lambert Health Inspector, Sandra Grogan, Board Secretary

Guests Present:


Minutes to be approved:††† January 06, 2009 minutes accepted with corrections

Topic of Discussion

Relevant Discussion

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Appointment:†† 7:15pm



















Other Item


         Staffing was discussed for a part time Food Inspector and Health Agent.

         Mr. Butcher did not have a job description for the part time Food Inspector.

         Mrs. Malouin asked if this position would be advertised as an interim part time Food Inspector position.

         Mr. Marriner has been looking through the Health Agents job description he is half way through it.†

         Mr. Butcher would like to combine all positions back into the Health Agent position. This would be a full time position that gives the Health Agent an opportunity to focus other aspects of the Health department.

         Mrs. Malouin explained the previous posted position for Health Agent was a 15 hour a week position for $27.00 per hour.

         Mr. Butcher said the Title 5 position and the Health Inspectorís position can be eliminated and that will give the FY ď2010Ē budget enough money to carry a full time Health Agent.

         Mr. Marriner had mentioned during the past ice-storm the Pepperell Town Nurse, Ellen Castellano, went above and beyond in her participation to help out at the shelter.





Appointment: 8:00pm


Permit Renewal Status







Permit Renewal Status































Other Item



  • Mr. Butcher explained the application renewal process and the end date which is Dec. 31st of every year.
  • Mrs. Grogan said approximately five applications has not returned.
  • Mr. Lambert said the applications had been sent out early this year.



  • Mr. Butcher said there are options
    1. Enforce the triple fee if not turned in by Dec. 31st
    2. Give missing applicants a ring to see where application is.
    3. Notify them by letter that they could be shut down for not complying with guide lines stated in application.


  • Mr. Marriner replied these are our neighbors we could send a letter informing them they must forward their application immediately. If they havenít sent in applications by next meeting we could discuss the options.


  • Mrs. Grogan will make phone calls to businesses who havenít forwarded their application.


  • Mrs. Malouin inquired about a caterer coming into Pepperell and serving food at one of its facilities. Mass. Food Code Regulation, 105 CMR 590.033 states the caterer has 72 hours to send a menu to the local Board of Health. A private function does not need to have to follow this guideline.


  • Mr. Marriner wanted to know what is the goal by doing this.


  • Mrs. Malouin said it is for the publicís safety. We donít want to avoid a possible outbreak.


  • Mr. Lambert said if someone comes into Pepperell and there is a sickness the State will want to know what was served.


  • Mrs. Malouin mention the Schools need to be inspected and she would like Mr. Lambert to go with her.







Old Business A:

Medicare and Mass Pro Billing




         Mr. Butcher wanted to know how the Medicare and Mass Pro claims are doing.

         Mrs. Grogan, explained she is working with Medicare and Mrs. Castellano, will teach her how to preparing the billing process for Mass Pro.





Old Business B:

14 Prospect St.


         Mr. Butcher, spoke to Mr. Richardson, Town Council, about the metering situation at 14 Prospect St. He explained the previous Board of Health missed time lines. Mr. Richardson said the Board of Health has done its job. If new tenants have the same complaint then the Board of Health will get involved. For the illegal apartment, that falls under the Zoning Officerís jurisdiction. Mr. Butcher will email his letter to Mr. Richardson on Wednesday. Once Mr. Richardsonís reviews the letter he may have a new position, then it can be discussed.





Old Business C:

Clarkís Retirement Home Park



         Mr. Butcher asked Mrs. Grogan, if she notified Mr. Clark and her response was no.

         Mrs. Malouin explained to Mr. Butcher that she had been approached by someone who lives in the park, and wanted to know what the Board of Health was going to do about the sewage connection.

         Mr. Butcher stated that Mr. Clark has been mandated by the Mass. D.E.P. of certain procedures that must be followed regarding connection of the sewer line to the park. Mr. Butcher would like Sandra to call D.E.P. to see if they had sent out a response to Mr. Clarkís letter dated Apr. 2, 2008.




Continuity of Operation Plans for Pepperell




Other Items



         Mrs. Malouin had a copy and said it was signed on

††††††† Mar. 29, 2006, and since that time personnel has changed.†

††††††† Appendix E also has to be updated.

         Mr. Butcher, explained the Mercury Recovery Program encouraging the residents to take advantage of this. He would like to get a flyer made that explains where the public can go to drop off mercury items. He would like to get this on Cable T.V..

         Mr. Butcher had talked to Mr. Robert Lee about the contract for the Landfill Monitoring.

         Mr. Marriner would like to write a letter to the State to modify our inspections from 4 a year down to 2 big inspections a year.

         Mr. Butcher related the primary issue is what the Town is required to do by the State. He hasnít looked at the original permit by the State to see what they require. As the landfill gets older it may require more monitoring, we are trying to monitor what leaches outside the landfill as well as the land near Bemis Road.

         Mr. Butcher explained the Board is facing a time frame to have the R.F.P. written, advertised then awarded.

         Mrs. Malouin said the G.Z.A. contract runs out on June 30, 2009.

         Mr. Marriner was wondering if was possible to get a three month extension if needed. He said that he probably could have a letter drafted by next meeting.



Licenses Permits/Bill Warrants

         Steven Kidd, DSI permit, Waste Management and Allied Waste Rubbish permits, Arrow Septic, Septic Hauler permit, Knights of Columbus Mr. Butcher made a motion to waive the fee for the non-profit organization, Mr. Marriner seconded. A vote was taken all in favor.




Mr. Marriner made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Mrs. Malouin seconded. All were in favor.

The meeting was adjourned for open session at †8:35pm

Next Meeting: February 03, 2009

Respectfully submitted by:†† Sandra Grogan


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