Meeting of the Pepperell Board of Health

August 19, 2008


Call to order:               The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Members Present:         Myra Cacace Chairperson, Peter Cronin, Mark Walsh

Members Absent:                                                                                                                                                              

Staff Present:                Sandra Grogan Board Secretary                                 

Guests Present:             Don Erickson

Minutes Approved:     July 8, 2008 & July 23, 2008 all in favor.


            Topic of Discussion

Relevant Discussion

Action taken

Vote taken


Nitrogen Aggregation Approval Letter.


·         The Board received a letter and plot plans from Mr. David Boyer, of the D.E.P., approving the Nitrogen Aggregation Letter for the Emerson Village Development.

The letter stated the D.E.P. approves the Nitrogen Loading Aggregation plan as follows: The lots are restricted to no more than three bedrooms on each lot.


The Board did not sign the letter at this time as the letter did not delineate the specific number of two versus three bedroom units allowed.




Up date on Region II



·         Mr. Ken Gikas, of Region II, sent a letter requesting that the Board send a form letter, prepared by D.P.H Mass.

·         Region II, to local residents with medical backgrounds, seeking volunteers in the event a pandemic should ever arise.



The Board recommended a minor change to the letter. 




Civil Solutions revised  letter for

16 Nashua Rd.






The Board reviewed the revised letter accepting the repair shop’s current septic tie in into the house septic tank. The revised opinion by Mr. Ritchie was based on information

Presented at the Board Meeting held on July 23, 2008, as well as information previously reviewed by Mr. Ritchie.


The Board accepted, the letter and forwarded a copy to

Mr. Holmes.




FY 09 Budget Assessment Exercise





FY-9 Budget Assessment


·         The Board undertook a 10% and 15% budget decrease exercise at the request of the Board of Selectmen. All three members were present during the discussion about whether or not to continue with Hazardous Waste Day.

Mr. Walsh abstained and left the meeting during the remainder of the discussion with respect to the exercise including the discussions pertaining to the Nurse’s Budget.




Mrs. Cacace and Mr. Cronin made the following proposals:

4 Proposals were agreed upon and forwarded to the Selectmen.





1.       Eliminate Hazardous Waste Day and Decrease Public Health Nurse hours  to 24 brings our bottom line down to $132,468.00


2.       Eliminate Hazardous Waste Day and Decrease PHN hours to 20 brings our bottom line to $125,820.00


3.       Eliminate Hazardous Waste Day without decreasing the hours of the PHN bring our bottom line to $140,636.00


4.       Decreasing the PHN hours to 24, without eliminating Hazardous Waste Day brings our bottom line down to $144,969.00


5.       Decreasing PHN hours to 20 without eliminating Hazardous Waste Day brings our bottom line down to $138,320.00





Next Meeting:  September 9, 2008

Adjournment:   8:25PM

Respectfully submitted by:   Sandra Grogan



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Myra Cacace, Chair                                   Peter Cronin                                             Mark Walsh