Meeting of the Pepperell Board of Health

May 13, 2008


Call to order:  The meeting was called to order at 7:04p.m.


Members Present:         Myra Cacace, Peter Cronin, Mark Walsh

Members Absent:         Sandra Grogan, Board Secretary

Staff Present:               

Guests Present: Don Erickson

Minutes Approved:  April 22, 2008 (Mrs. Cacace & Mr. Cronin voted to approve.  Mr. Walsh abstained, a BOH member at the previous meeting).

                                    May 01, 2008 (with corrections to be reviewed and signed at the next meeting)


Topic of Discussion

Relevant Discussion

Action taken

Vote taken

Old Business


4th of July Committee Fundraising Event










Job Descriptions

#1 Health Agent








#2 Temporary Food Inspector




  • The 4th of July Committee requests that fees for food permits for the Bourget Amusement company be waived for a carnival on May 29, - 31, 2008   and for the parade/events that will be held on Saturday July 5th.








·              Mrs. Cacace reports that the Personnel Board has to review the job description before posting it internally and on the DPH & other local websites.


·  Mrs. Cacace expressed thanks Mr. Conrad Eaton for assisting Mr. Lambert in inspecting Karen’s Korner.



·  Since Mr. Lambert does not have the credentials needed to perform restaurant inspections, Mrs. Cacace proposes that Mr. Eaton be used as an on call, non-paid volunteer basis to assist Mr. Lambert on future restaurant inspections until this position of Health Agent or Temporary Restaurant Inspector can be filled.


·  Mr. Walsh expressed his need to meet Mr. Eaton before approving him as a temporary restaurant inspector.



The Board decided to waive the fees for the May 29th-31st, 08  event, since the date is only 2 weeks away but will not waive this second fee.


Sandra will write a letter about this decision to the 4th of July committee.











The Board agreed to meet in person with Mr. Eaton first before making a final decision about his temporary appointment.








All in Favor

No opposed.



All in Favor

No opposed.




Employee Staff Meeting



·        Each Board Member had the opportunity to express what they would like to discuss at the employee staff meeting on May 15, 2008.





BOH Budget



  • The present budget was reviewed to see how money could be used to purchase an air purifier for the annex.
  • The Board will make it a practice to review the budget at every meeting.





The Board signed two Food Permits.


Bill Warrants & Longevity Payrolls


The Board signed two bill warrants and two longevity payrolls.


Staff Report


Mrs. Castellano




Patient Informed Consent Form



  • Mrs. Cacace and Mr. Cronin reviewed the Town Nurses monthly schedule and a package about a class the Nurse attended.


  • Mrs. Castellano asked about whether or not it is necessary to have the Patient Informed Consent form reviewed by a lawyer.  Mrs. Cacace feels that since this is a form that complies with the ruling of Labor Council, there is no need to consult the lawyer.  Mr. Cronin reviewed the consent form and agrees that this does not need to be reviewed by a lawyer.







Mrs. Cacace & Mr. Cronin agreed the form is acceptable.







To direct Mrs. Castellano to have every client on her case load now and in the future sign the BOH Informed Consent Form


Mrs. Cacace & Mr. Cronin : In Favor

Mr. Walsh: Abstained


The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 pm


Next Meeting(s): June 11, 2008 & June 18, 2008


Respectfully submitted by Sandra Grogan



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Myra Cacace, Chair                                  Peter Cronin                                             Mark Walsh