Meeting of the Pepperell Board of Health

May 1, 2008


Call to order:  The meeting was called to order at 7p.m.

Members Present:         Myra Cacace Chairperson, Peter Cronin, Mark Walsh

Members Absent:         Sandra Grogan, Board Secretary

Staff Present:                Ellen Castellano, RN Public Health Nurse, Robert Lambert

Guests Present: Rich Castellano, Don Erickson

            Topic of Discussion

Relevant Discussion

Action taken

Vote taken

Action Items:

  1. Order of Succession




  1. Welcome Mark Walsh





Mr. Peter Cronin nominated Mrs. Myra Cacace to serve as chair, citing the precedent the chair is usually the member who is the last year of their term.  Motion was seconded.


Mr. Walsh is happy to serve and to use his skills as a lawyer and his experience on the Zoning Board of Appeals to streamline procedures and improve service to the town.  He first wants to observe the various activities of the staff by accompanying Mr. Lambert on Housing Inspections and by spending time in the BOH office.


Mr. Walsh states that he understands that he cannot participate in any discussions about contract issues or performance evaluations for the Pubic Health Nurse, since she is a family member.  He offers to leave the meeting when anything about the Public Health Nurse is discussed.


Mrs. Cacace accepts the nomination










Mrs. Cacace agrees with Mr. Walsh but asks him to consider remaining in the meetings (as long as he is comfortable that he is not breaking the law) to better understand issues pertaining to the job & and to observe first hand any discussions about Board decisions made regarding the nurse’s position or activities.


All in favor 

No opposed

No abstention



Old Business:

  1. 8 Shawnee Rd.















  1. Babbitassit Village

















  1. 70 Lowell Rd.



Mr. Lambert reviewed the history of the complaint made by neighbors about unsightly and large amounts of debris located on the property.  2 registered letters have been sent to the landlord requesting that the property be cleaned up.  To date there has been no response to the letters and the property has not been cleaned.











Mr. Lambert reviewed the history of the complaint:  Sewerage back-up into first floor apartments on 3/24/08.


The effected apartments have been cleaned with replacement of carpets and baseboards.


Mr. Lambert worked Mr. William Miller from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Housing & Community Development to clean out the sewer pipes, and replace any faulty equipment to prevent future problems.


Mr. Lambert thanks Mrs. Castellano for letting him know about the problem in a timely manner.




Mr. Lambert reviewed the history of the complaint (large piles of rubbish in the yard) and inspected the property 3 times.  @ 85% of the clean-up work is complete.


The Board directed Mr. Lambert to send 1 more registered letter, citing the dates of previously sent letters, instructing them to either clean up the property or appear before the Board to discuss the problem.  The Board will defer decision re penalties, awaiting the outcome of the letter. Mr. Walsh will write a letter and present it to the Board for approval.
























Job descriptions:










  1. Health Agent (with or w/o Title V):

The Board agrees that the ideal solution is to hire one person who does all inspections, including Title 5 work.

  1. Continuing Civil Solutions Contract:

The Board agrees that this is working well and will continue the contract until another solution is found.

  1. Temporary Restaurant Inspector:

At this time Mr. Lambert does not have the certification needed to legally inspect restaurants.  He proposes that he is accompanied by another person with the correct credentials to perform restaurant inspections until a Health Agent is hired.


The Board reviewed previous Job Postings & job descriptions.  Mrs. Cacace will develop a Temporary Restaurant Inspector Job Posting & Job Description & send them to the Board for comments before giving them to Mr. Hanson for review.  All job postings must be reviewed by the Personnel Committee before posting.


All voted in favor of posting the jobs of Health Agent, and Temporary Restaurant Inspector.

Permits & Licenses signed



McGaffigan, Jr. Funeral Home

Scissor Action-Tanning

White Hen Pantry Frozen Desserts

Temporary Food license for Library

Mobile Food Unit-Sandy’s Lunch Box (formerly Larry’s Hot Dog)



The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm

Next Meeting: Tuesday May 13, 2008 at 7pm


Respectfully submitted by Myra F. Cacace, Chair



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Myra Cacace, Chair                                  Peter Cronin                                             Mark Walsh