Meeting Minutes of the Pepperell Board of Health for April 22, 2008


Call to order:  Chairman Virginia Malouin called the meeting to order at 7:03p.m.


Members Present:      Virginia Malouin, Myra Cacace, Peter Cronin


Members Absent:     


Staff Present:               Sandra Grogan, Board Secretary


Minutes approved:  March 26, 2008 & April 01, 2008


Topic of Discussion

Relevant Discussion

Action taken

Vote taken

Appointments A:

Donald Piktialis, Community Healthlink-Lipton Renew Contract








Board of Health concerns:

·         Impending budget cuts







·         Lack of quarterly reporting

·         Number of clients served

·         Potential loss of services to clients.

Types of services provided to Pepperell citizens:

·         Services to school age children i.e. aggressive behavior

·         Regular visits to schools to identify potential problems.



Community Healthlink will abide by the budgetary constraints.

Clients currently receiving services will not be cut, but when budgeted money is gone, no additional services can be provided.


Reports will be sent immediately and on a quarterly basis.



Report will include data about number of persons served and types of services provided.


Appointment B:

Carol Horgan and Gerald Stefanski Nashoba Boards of Health Renew Contract


Board of Health concerns:

·         Impending budget cuts




·         Continued support for the Pepperell Public Health Nurse without duplication of services.



·         Providing Flu shots to Pepperell citizens




Types of services provided to Pepperell citizens:

·         Currently providing backup services for Pepperell Public Nurse for times out of the office.

·         Has provided direct care to six clients for FY 2007-2008.

·         Participation in Fall Health Fair.


Nashoba Boards of Health will abide by the budgetary constraints


Will continue to provide backup for the Public Health Nurse during her absence.

Will also re-direct Pepperell citizens requesting Flu vaccine outside of Pepperell to Pepperell Flu






Agrees to participate in Health Fair in the fall and is open to a Saturday date.









Action Item  A

Nitrogen Aggregation Plan


·         A letter for the Nitrogen Aggregation Plan for the Emersen Village Development on Nashua Rd., was approved


The Board signed the letter of approval


Action Item B

Sandra Grogan’s evaluation


·         The Board Members discussed her performance.


The Board signed Mrs. Grogan’s evaluation form.



Old Business   #1

Dr. Bradley Smith

·         Preparing animals for Lab., testing


·         Dr. Bradley Smith, Veterinarian, is willing to prepare any animal that needs to be tested. However, he will do this only during his scheduled office hours. If we have an animal that needs to be prepared during off hours, we should bag it and put it in a cold refrigerator until his office re-opens.



Call emergency clinics find out availability and costs associated.


Business #1


·         As of May 1, 2008, a law has gone into effect that no light bulbs, watch batteries, heating thermostats that contain mercury can be thrown into the trash.

·         The Board of Health and the DPW will be working together so residents can have a drop off  location to dispose of such items





The Board approves of the Mercury Recovery Program





 1 Funeral Home license

 1 Food Establishment license

 1 Food Service license


Bill Warrant


2 Bill Warrants signed


Informational Items:

·         Passed informational items around







The meeting was adjourned at   10.56pm


Next Meeting:  May 1, 2008


Respectfully Submitted by   Sandra Grogan, Board Secretary






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Myra Cacace, Chairperson                                Peter Cronin                                         Mark Walsh