Meeting Minutes of the Pepperell Board of Health for April 01, 2008


Call to order:  Chairman Virginia Malouin called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.


Members Present:      Virginia Malouin, Myra Cacace Peter Cronin


Members Absent:     


Staff Present:               Sandra Grogan


Minutes approved: March 12, 2008


Topic of Discussion

Relevant Discussion

Action taken

Vote taken

Action Item  A

Animal Inspector Evaluation

·         The Board completed and signed the Animal Inspector, Robin Hebert’s evaluation.



Action Item  B

Representative to

Region II


The Board discussed having a staff member to be the representative for the Board of Health with Region II.

·         Mrs. Malouin suggested Mrs. Castellano.

·         Mrs. Cacace doesn’t think this is a good idea at this time since we are gearing her position more to health related issues.

·         Mr. Cronin feels since Mrs. Castellano is the Town Nurse and deals with diseases she is the right person to keep in touch with Region II.

·         Mrs. Malouin said she told the Finance Committee that the Nurses hours should be kept, so participating in this will reflect on these needed hours.

·         Mrs. Cacace is committed to make the Town know that the Town Nurse’s position is an important position.

·         The Board  will direct Mrs. Castellano to participate with Region II. This includes attending meetings 2 to 3 times a year.

·         Mr. Cronin makes a motion to have Mrs. Castellano as a staff member to participate with Region II.


·         Mrs. Cacace seconded the motion.

A vote was

taken. All

were in


Action Item  C

Order of Succession


·         Order of succession needs to be updated after the election.




Old Business   A

Well Water Regulations


·         No discussion on the well water regulations took place.

·         Mrs. Malouin did mention holding a public hearing after the election.






Old Business   B

34 Shirley St. Title V.

·         The Board of Health received a letter from Mr. Michael Blood who bought the Scotch Pine Restaurant. Mr. Blood will hook up to town water at the Shirley St., access after he closes the Restaurant on May 23, 2008.


·         Mr. Cronin made a motion to allow the restaurant to remain open until May 23, 2008.

·         Mrs. Cacace seconded the motion.

A vote was

taken. All

were in favor.

Old Business A

Clark’s Retirement Home

·         A discussion took place in reference to who is responsible for inspecting the pumping station at Clark’s Retirement Home.

·         Mrs. Malouin will speak to Mr. Robert Lee, DPW


Scheduled Appointment

8:30pm Kevin Ritchie

·         A discussion took place about the Nitrogen Aggregation Plan that had been presented to the Board on the previous meeting by Mr. Joseph Peznola, Hancock Associates.

·         Mr. Ritchie feels the plan meets the criteria.

·         Mrs. Cacace wanted Mr. Ritchie’s advice to the deed restriction on the two bedroom lots.

·         Mr. Ritchie feels putting this restriction on the two bedroom dwellings is a good idea.


·         Mrs. Cacace makes a motion to approve the Nitrogen Aggregation Plan with deed restriction of 2 bedrooms remain 2.and 3 bedroom remain three.

·         Mr. Cronin moves to amend the motion and allow re-usable acceptable material on the sites. The permit fee remains the $450.00 per lot. A letter will go out after being sent to Mrs. Cacace.

·         Mrs. Cacace seconded.

A vote was

taken. All in

were in favor.

Business # 1

·         6 month review for Board Secretary, Sandra Grogan. Each member received an evaluation form



Bill Warrant

·         1 Bill warrant signed.



Staff Report

Town Nurse Report

·         Mrs. Cacace says that there are cases that Mrs. Castellano is not writing down as a case. People who call for help should be put down as a case.











The meeting was adjourned at   9:10pm


Next Meeting:  Apr. 22, 2008


Respectfully Submitted by   Sandra Grogan, Board Secretary






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Virginia I. Malouin Chairperson                          Myra Cacace                                        Peter Cronin