Meeting Minutes of the Pepperell Board of Health for March 12, 2008


Call to order:  Chairman Virginia Malouin called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m.


Members Present:      Virginia Malouin, Myra Cacace Peter Cronin


Members Absent:     


Staff Present:               Sandra Grogan


Minutes approved: February 26, 2008


Topic of Discussion

Relevant Discussion

Action taken

Vote taken

Scheduled Appointment


Clark’s Retirement Home

Mrs. Fran Bergeron

Mrs. Fran Bergeron of Clark’s Retirement Home Park and other residents of the park came before the Board. They would like to know when the sewer connection project will start up again. They have been paying more in rent by $90.00 for the past 18 months for the betterment. They want to know the deadline to start and finish the sewerage connection.

Mr. Cronin told the attendees that the D.E.P. had told him to fix problems.

Mrs. Malouin responded to these concerns by having Mrs. Grogan take a look at folder for any information that will help resolve these issues. Mrs. Malouin said they would have answer within a couple of weeks, if it comes in sooner we will call Mrs. Bergeron.


Action Item #1

Fee Schedule

Discussed an increase of the current fee schedule.

Tabled to next meeting.


Old Business  #1

Arsenic in private well water.

·         A discussion ensued of how to treat arsenic in private well water, both in rental property and single family homes. Mrs. Cacace said filtration should be at point of entry for every well that fails the State Laboratory well water test.

·         Mr. Cronin stated any single house homeowner could request a variance. It must come before the Board of Health.

Mrs. Cacace made a motion to accept this.

Mr. Cronin seconded the motion.

A vote was

taken. All were

in favor.

Old Business # 2

Mass Pro/Flu Clinic

· The Board reviewed what the town has received in way of reimbursement from Flu Clinic Program.




Old Business #3

FY 09 Budget

A discussion took place about the FY 09 Budget. They are meeting with the Finance Committee on

March 20,2008




Old Business: # 4

Nashoba Boards of Health & Lipton


· Mrs. Malouin discussed the Nashoba Boards of Health contract and the Lipton contract, as to what the town receives for services.



Old Business #5

Old Bill



·         Mrs. Grogan had spoken to Mr. Hanson about the past due balance and who is responsible for it. Mr. Hanson took care of the bill and the Board of Health should disregard the last bill.






Business  #A

Staff Member Evaluation



·         The Board evaluated the Animal Inspector.

A clean copy will be brought in next meeting.




Business  # B

Request to hatch eggs.





A teacher from the Peter Fitzpatrick teacher requesting the Board of Health to allow a

incubator for 3 chick eggs to hatch as a project.

The children will not touch eggs. Once egg hatched the teacher will take home on that day.

Mr. Cronin made a motion to allow the class project to go forward.

Mrs. Cacace seconded the motion.

A vote was

A taken. All

were in favor.

Board of Health


·         The Board signed off on yearly licenses presented.



















Topic of Discussion

Relevant Discussion

Action taken

Vote taken






Staff Report

Mrs. Castellano’s monthly report. Update of Rabies Clinic



Mrs. Castellano’s monthly log was reviewed.

Mrs. Grogan gave a progress report of the Rabies Clinic



Bill Warrant


·                 The Board signed two Bill Warrants.





The meeting was adjourned at   10:30pm


Next Meeting:  March 26, 2008


Respectfully Submitted by   Sandra Grogan, Board Secretary






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Virginia I. Malouin Chairperson                          Myra Cacace                                        Peter Cronin