Meeting of the Pepperell Board of Health



Call to order:  Chairman Virginia Malouin called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m.


Members Present:      Virginia Malouin, Peter Cronin, Myra Cacace


Staff Present:               Sandra Grogan,


Guests Present:          Mr. George Ux, Emergency Management, Mr. Don Erickson Newspaper Reporter


Minutes to be approved: January 18, 2008 Mrs. Cacace made motion to approve. Mr. Cronin seconded. A vote was taken. All in were in favor.


Topic of Discussion

Relevant Discussion

Action taken

Vote taken

Mr. George Ux of

Emergency Management

Attended Meeting

·   Mr. Ux updated the Board Members as to his role

in the emergency management Department. If a school needs to be opened for emergency shelter Mr. Ux

makes the arrangement.

·   Mrs. Cacace would like to know when the

Committee meets as she is on the Committee.

·    Mrs. Malouin asked Mr. Ux about the use of the radios.

·   Mr. Ux is working with Den Connors as to where

the radios should be used. Mr. Connors is not back

to work due to his illness. He told the Board not to hesitate to call him with any questions.

·   Mr. Gikas of Region II, re-scheduled due to

bad weather. He did want to remind the Board

any request for certain items or equipment

must have their sheet turned in by Friday

February 15, 2008. The Board looked through

the list and marked what we should order.


A vote was taken. All in favor.

Action # A

Well Water Regulations


·   The Board was given the 1999 accepted Well

Water Regulations.

·   Mr. Cronin did not see anything within the

regulations that sheds light on how to deal with

arsenic in private wells.

·   Mrs. Grogan gave the Board a copy of a letter

that the former Health Agent sent to a resident that

had been dealing with this same issue.

·   Mr. Wirtanen did not mention where the filtration

filters needed to set. He did not explain at either

the point of entry or under sinks.

·   Mr. Cronin would like to see the letter dated

back to April 26, 2006, for the next meeting.







Action # B

Question of changing

Board Meetings

·   Mrs. Malouin asked the other two Board

Members if they would mind changing the dates

of the meeting to the First and Third Tuesday

of every month. With the exception of March

the dates are scheduled for the first and fourth



·   Mr. Cronin and Mrs. Cacace

Agreed to change the dates.




Action #C

Rabies Clinic


·   The Rabies Clinic will be held on the first

Saturday of April 08.

·   The Board thought for this year to go with

Dr. Smith, and next year the Board could alternate

with Dr. Lindermuth.

·   Mrs. Malouin asked Mrs. Grogan to contact

Dr. Smith’s office and set up a time.




Action #D

Mr. Murphy’s letter

addressing Massage

Therapist licensure.


·   Mr. Cronin response to the letter is if any local

Establishment has any issue to take it up with the

State. The Board has no authority to do anything.

·   Mr. Murphy wrote a letter to the Board

that he had received an update on January 28, 2008

from Mr. Nemmers at the State Board of Professional Licensure. Mr. Nemmers had told

Mr. Murphy they would allow a time extension to

Massage Therapists in order that they could obtain a

license from the State.

·   Mrs. Malouin had received information from

the State stating no longer do local Boards of Health

have any authority over the Massage licensing.

·   Mrs. Malouin requested that

Mrs. Grogan send back all the

Checks that had been received along with a copy of the letter.



Action #E

Housing Complaint

at 8 Shawnee Rd.





·   Mr. Murphy, Health Agent has written a

code violation letter to the residents of

8 Shawnee Rd advising them that they have 5

days to correct the situation. Mr. Murphy will

go back to the residents for another inspection of

the property.

·   Mrs. Malouin feels the Board should have a

Re-inspection letter at next meeting. She is also concerned about Restaurants being inspected twice

a year. She would like to see when an inspection was

done, and if corrections are needed and the correction

depending on the violation. She would like to see

more detailed forms.

·   Mrs. Cacace mentioned there is no team leader in

the office. She suggested a Staff Meeting. A staff

meeting will be held on February 28, 2008 in the annex

building. Mrs. Grogan Tom and Robin Hebert, Animal Inspector. She will post the meeting.






Action #F

Annex Building






·   Mrs. Malouin wanted to make the Board aware

of the current situation at the annex. Employees

cannot use the toilet. The sewer pipe has a leak so

it needs to be repaired. Mrs. Malouin spoke to Bob H.

about it and he contacted a plumber.







Business #1 & 2

Lipton Health and

Nashoba Nursing








·   Mrs. Malouin would like to have both Lipton

and Nashoba Nursing representatives come before

the Board in April to discuss the contract.





Business: #3

Chart Review



·   Mrs. Cacace met with Mrs. Castellano to go

over some charts. Mrs. Cacace said Mrs. Castellano

is consistent with time at the Senior Center, yet

some addresses are still missing . Mrs. Castellano will

work on this.

·   Mrs. Malouin goes over the payroll each week. She

does check Mrs. Castellano weekly sheets.

Mrs. Malouin mentioned that one or two sentences

on the daily log is sufficient.





Business #4

Review Contract




·   Mrs. Malouin requested a copy of Mr. Ritchie’s









·   The Board signed 7 yearly licenses. They also signed

a Certificate of Compliance for Lot 5 Lawrence St. In

addition they signed two vouchers. Mr. Cronin makes

no comment on Tarbell St. send back to Z.B.A.



The meeting was adjourned at _10:10P.M._

Next Meeting:  February 26, 2008

Respectfully Submitted by Sandra Grogan Board Secretary




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Virginia I. Malouin Chairperson                          Myra Cacace                                        Peter Cronin