Meeting of the Pepperell Board of Health



Call to order:  Chairman Virginia Malouin called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m.


Members Present:         Virginia Malouin, Peter Cronin, Myra Cacace

Members Absent:

Staff Present:                Sandra Grogan,

Guests Present: Don Erickson


No Minutes Approved.


Topic of Discussion

Relevant Discussion

Action taken

Vote taken

Action  #A


A. State issuing licenses for Massage Therapists. Tom Murphy Health Agent would like to give establishments a Time Extension on current licenses.






·        Mrs. Malouin spoke to Mr. Nemmers from the State Division of Professional Licensing Board, about extending the licenses for local Massage Therapists establishments until the State takes over. Mr. Nemmers response was your licenses to people are null and void. We are allowing individuals a reasonable amount of time to get a Mass. License, the time on establishing a license and inspection is not yet certain.

·        Mrs. Cacace suggested a newspaper article informing residents of the recent changes issued by State. It is up to customers to ask if establishment has a valid license since the authority has been taken away from the local Boards of Health in Massachusetts.

·        Mrs. Cacace would like all checks be returned to owners of Massage Therapy Establishment along with a copy of the letter from the State.

Will send checks to applicants with a letter from the State Licensing Board.

No Vote

Action # 2


B. Kevin Ritchie Title V Engineer would like to have the Board Members input on how to proceed with arsenic in private wells.




·        Mr. Cronin would like to see the rules and regulations on Well Water.

·        Mrs. Cacace agreed.

·        Mr. Cronin asked Mrs. Grogan to get copy of the rules and regulations for the next Board Meeting.

Mrs. Cacace made a motion to look through the Board of Health’s well regulations before making any decisions.

Mr. Cronin seconded the motion

Vote was taken. All were in favor.

Agenda Item #3


C. Z.B.A., would like to know if Board of Health has any comments of an appeal letter regarding 49 South Row Rd. (Nashoba Valley Garden Center).


  • Board of Appeals forwarded an appeal letter from residents that have issues with Nashoba Valley Garden Center.
  • The. Board Members previously had sent a letter to the Zoning Board of Appeals with their findings pertaining to this property.
  •  Mr. Cronin, felt there was no need to comment any further as a letter had previously been sent.

Mr. Cronin has no comments on this.

Mrs. Cacace seconded the motion not to comment.

A vote was taken. All in favor for no comments to the Board of Appeals.


Board Members worked on the FY 09 Budget


·        Budget was completed and Mrs. Grogan was asked to turn the budget into the Town Accountants’ office on January 23, 2008




Business # 2

Public Communication

Senior Center







·        Mrs. Malouin explained that in the past the previous Health Agent would give a monthly article for the Senior Center Newspaper.

·        Mrs. Cacace will commit to do a quarterly article for the Senior Center Newspaper.

·        Mrs. Malouin, will call Mrs. Mercurio the director of Council on Aging.

Mrs. Cacace will offer to a Board of Health article quarterly for the Newsletter in the Pepperell Council on Aging.


Permits and Licenses# 3





  • Yearly applications for Disposal System Installers, Food Establishments and Septic Haulers.

Board Members signed




Documents signed








The Board signed valid permits located at 68 Hollis St.,

70 Hollis St., 72 Hollis St., 74 Hollis St., 76 Hollis St.

78 Hollis St., for the installation of Septic System.

95 Brookline St., approved and signed for the installation of Disposal System Construction Permit.

30 Shirley St., approved with the changes of a variance state in the letter..


Board Members signed permits and licenses.





  • Two Bill Warrants
  • Kevin Ritchie’s services
  •  A regular warrant for bills.


Board Members signed vouchers


Staff Report





  • Mrs. Hebert, the Animal Inspector completed her barn inspections for the number of stock animals that are in Pepperell.
  • The Board was impressed with the thoroughness of Mrs. Hebert’s completed barn inspection records.








  • Information from Region II with a equipment list to order from.
  • Meeting on Mass. Disability Office being held on Feb. 19, 2008 at the Police Station on 2 Olde North Rd. Chelmsford.

Mrs. Malouin asked Mrs. Grogan to speak to Mrs. Castellano and see if she would be interested in attending this meeting



The meeting was adjourned at _10:22 P.M._


Next Meeting:  February 12, 2008 at 7:00 P.M.


Respectfully submitted by Sandra Grogan, Secretary