Meeting of the Pepperell Board of Health



Call to order:  Chairman Virginia Malouin called the meeting to order at 7:47 p.m. (Board Members at another Meeting).


Members Present:         Virginia Malouin, Peter Cronin, Myra Cacace

Members Absent:

Staff Present:                Sandra Grogan,

Guests Present:    Dan Temple, of Danvers Construction, Mr. Don Erickson Newspaper Reporter Richard Colangelo


No Minutes Approved.


Topic of Discussion

Relevant Discussion

Action taken

Vote taken

Action  #A


Mr. Dan Temple would like the Boards permission to continue with the installation of his Septic System at 91A Harbor St.

·   Mr. Temple had been delayed with getting his well water tests results back from the laboratory.

·   Mr. Ritchie spoke to Mrs. Grogan today and he agreed that the septic system work continue. Upon completion he would like to re-inspect the system

·   Mr. Cronin said to continue the project despite the closed season the project move forward subject to whatever Mr. Ritchie’s would like to do in terms of re-inspections

·   Mr. Cronin made a motion to allow this septic system to be installed.

·   Mrs. Cacace seconded the motion. A vote was taken. All were in favor

A vote was taken. All in favor.

Action # 1


Sign the contract for Kevin Ritchie, Title V Engineer.


·   Mr. Ritchie signed his contract and the Board Members agreed to the written contract.

Board Members signed.


Mr. Colangelo


·   Mr. Colangelo, would like to speak to Mr. Ritchie about 4 Powhatan Rd.



Action # 2

Mr. Thomas Murphy, Health Agent would like Board Members to approve the letter he has written to Mr. Gavin, landlord of 90 Main St. A complaint came to Mr. Murphy‘s attention that the tenant of this apartment has no heat in the apartment.

·   Mrs. Malouin is concerned about the timing of this letter. It is dated December 24, 2007. Mr. Murphy should have read the code and responded 12 to 24 hours after inspection.

·   Mrs. Cacace would like to have letter re-dated.

·   Mr. Cronin outlined two issues at hand. One is the landlord, providing  heat. The second issue is this letter hasn’t been sent out in a timely fashion.

·   Mrs. Malouin had spoken to Mr. Murphy about this housing complaint and she gave him her recommendations. The letter will be amended along with the date and reference to the apartment being vacant. Before the landlord can rent this apartment he has to fix the window and the Health Agent will re-inspect the apartment.

·   Mrs. Malouin wants amendments to the letter and state once apartment ready for renting it will need to be inspected

·   Mr. Cronin made a motion to send the letter.

·   Mrs. Cacace seconded the motion. A vote was taken. All were in favor.



Action #3

Mr. Murphy received a housing complaint by Mr. Justason the landlord of 84 Groton St. The tenants want the landlord to replace the dishwasher. The housing code


·   Mr. Murphy met with Mr. Justason and explained the State Housing Code.

·   Mr. Murphy sent a letter to Mr. Justason, explaining this is not a code violation, but a housing dispute and the Board of Health should not be involved. .

·   Board Members reviewed the letter by Mr. Murphy and agreed with his decision.


Action #4

Ellen Castellano sent in her Annual Report



·   Mr. Cronin looked at report and said this was a draft that Mrs. Castellano sent in. Mrs. Malouin was confused about the last sentence; she would like clarification for the last paragraph.

·   Mrs. Malouin made a motion to accept the Town Report. Mrs. Cacace seconded. A vote was taken. All were in favor.


Action #5

Ellen Castellano, Public Health Nurse

Flu Clinic Report







·   Mrs. Cacace said approximately 363 Flu Shots were given mostly to seniors with Medicare or a supplemental insurance.

·   Mrs. Malouin said in order to get reimbursement for the Town the paperwork has to be sent in no later than March 15, 2008 for the Medicare portion.

The supplemental insurance should be done by

February 15, 2008.

·   Mr. Cronin moves to ask Mrs. Castellano to do the paperwork for the flu shots.


·   Mrs. Cacace will send an email to

Mrs. Castellano informing her of the Boards decision.



Action #6

Non-Profit Temporary Food Permit.






·  The question arose as to how far in advance a Non-Profit Organization could apply for a Temporary Food Permit.

·   Mrs. Cacace asked what has been done in the past.

·  Mrs. Grogan explained from what she was seen that some permits were dated until the end of December.




·   Mrs. Cacace made a motion to validate a Temporary Food Permit to Non-Profit Organizations four times a year.

·   Mr. Cronin seconded the motion. A vote was taken. All were in favor.



Action #7

Issuance of Yearly License







·   The Board signed valid permit at 95 Brookline St. for upgrade of septic system. 30 Shirley St., upgrade of septic system, 24 Larkin St. 37-39 Main St., building addition


·  Mr. Cronin made a motion to have Mr. Ritchie, to approve the letter for 24 Larkin St.

·  Mrs. Cacace seconded the motion. A vote was taken. All were in favor.

·  The Board had no comment on 37-39 Main St.




Town Report



·   Mrs. Malouin brought up the Annual Town of Report, due to all the recent changes in the staff they should

keep it very simple.

·   Mr. Cronin and

Mrs. Cacace agreed with the Town Report.





The Board discussed the upcoming Fiscal Year

09 budget





·   Board Members went through all line items.





Order for Flu Vaccine for


Year 2008




·   Mrs. Castellano had left over vaccine from the Flu Clinic. She had emailed all town employees that if any had not yet received their Flu Shot to contact her and she would give it to them.

·   Mrs. Malouin said there was left over vaccine that had to bring back. She thought that too many may have been ordered.

·  Mrs. Cacace will get together

with Mrs. Castellano and see

what a good number will be

for the upcoming Flu Clinic.



The meeting was adjourned at _11:13P.M._


Next Meeting:  January 22, 2008 at 7:00 P.M.







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Virginia I. Malouin Chairperson                          Myra Cacace                                        Peter Cronin











Respectfully submitted




Sandra Grogan, Secretary