Meeting of the Pepperell Board of Health

June 19, 2008


Call to order:                         The meeting was called to order at 7p.m.

Members Present:                Myra Cacace Chairperson, Peter Cronin, Mark Walsh

Members Absent:               

Staff Present:                        Ellen Castellano, RN Public Health Nurse

Guests Present:                    Marcia Zaniboni, Virginia Malouin

Minutes Approved:             none    

                Topic of Discussion

Relevant Discussion

Action taken

Vote taken

Old Business

Memorandum of Understanding with Nashoba Nursing Service


·         Mrs. Cacace reports that James Garrefy, Director of the Nashoba Associated Boards of Health will not consider renewing the MOU with Pepperell at any price stating his concern that Nashoba no longer has the resource to provide needed services including coverage during Mrs. Castellano’ absence.

·          Pepperell is invited to join Nashoba.  He will be sending the paperwork to get the process started.

·         Mr. Cronin asked Mrs. Castellano if she could provide services formerly provided by Nashoba (including social services, reportable disease follow up, and finding for coverage during her absences).  Mrs. Castellano stated she did not think she would be able to provide these services.  


Mr. Walsh was not present during the discussion.


Mrs. Cacace will work with the Board and the Public Health Nurse to explore all the options and to develop a plan that either includes joining Nashoba Associated Board of Health or other options available to meet the needs of Pepperell citizens


Old business:

Health Agent Job Description


·         Mrs. Cacace reports that there is still no definite meeting set up with the Personnel Board in order to resolve the issues preventing us from posting the Health Agent Position.

·         Mr. Walsh shared a letter that he wants to send to the Board of Selectmen, requesting quick action to allow the BOH to hire needed personnel.


Letter Attached


Motion made & seconded to send the letter to the Pepperell Board of Selectmen.


All 3 members in favor.


Applications for the Temporary Restaurant Inspector


Mrs. Cacace reports that to date there have been 3 applications.  One has been withdrawn and another does not have the proper certification.  Since there is only 1 application to consider Mrs. Cacace requests that the job is posted for an additional 2 weeks.


Motion made & seconded to posted for an additional 2 weeks.


All 3 members in favor.


Emerson Village


·         Letter received from the Zoning Board about deficiencies in the application letter for the housing plans determining the number of 2 & 3 bedroom dwellings. 

·         Need to send revised letter of approval from the BOH.

·         Kevin Ritchie suggests that the Board either:

1.        Delineate which specific lots are delineated as 3 bedrooms & which specific lots are delineated as 2 bedrooms or

2.        Set a specific number of 2 & 3 bedroom dwellings not to exceed 156 bedrooms.


Motion made & seconded to

Delineate option 1). (44) 3 bedroom dwellings & (12) 2 bedroom dwellings not to exceed 156 bedrooms.


Accept option 2). Further, 2 bedroom dwellings can never be converted to 3 bedroom homes not to exceed a 156 bedrooms.


All 3 members in favor.

School Cafeteria Inspections

It is time to do the semi annual inspection of the school Cafeterias as they shut down for the summer.  The Board is still without personnel qualified to perform Food Inspections.

Motion made & seconded to ask Conrad Eaton to perform the inspections of the 2 cafeterias.

All 3 members in favor.


Moppet Day Camp permits.

Permit signed.


The meeting was adjourned for open session at 7:50pm

Next Meeting:  July 8, 2008

Respectfully submitted by:   Myra Cacace




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Myra Cacace, Chair                                                  Peter Cronin                                              Mark Walsh