Gulf Brook Ravine

Heald St.

The Gulf Brook ravine runs between the north side of Heald Pond and the Pepperell Springs Conservation Area offers some of the most beautiful hiking in Pepperell. It is home to a steep rocky trail that follows Gulf Brook as it flows past the Pepperell Springs land to Chestnut St. It is a challenging hike and parts of the trail are sometimes a little difficult to find, although its beauty makes it worth the effort with scenes that resemble hiking trails in northern New Hampshire and Vermont . To avoid getting lost, follow the brook.

To start at Heald Pond, go about 2 miles on Heald St. away from Pepperell Town Hall (corner of Main St. and Park St.) or about 0.5 miles past the entrance to the Heald St. Orchard. The ravine is on the right side of the road. Park on the side of the road. To start from Pepperell Springs, enter at the old bottling plant building and follow the vehicle path down to the open field near the brook, then pick up the trail in the woods beside the brook southward. Note that the trail, at this point, is not down at the water level, but rather up on the hillside looking down at the brook.

Recreational Uses:

Hiking (challenging)
Bird watching
Nature observation

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