Department of Public Works
Transfer Station

Operated by the Pepperell Highway Division

66 Boynton Street
Pepperell, MA 01463

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Hours of Operations:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 7:00 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.
Saturday: 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
(except holidays)

Transfer Station Vehicle Permit Stickers

Vehicle Permit Stickers* (available to Pepperell Residents Only) run from April 1 to March 31and must be renewed annually. New stickers are available beginning March 1 each year and can be purchased at the DPW Office in Town Hall, at the Transfer Station, or by mail.

*Transfer Station Stickers should be affixed to the driver's side window as close to the front of the car as possible.


Sticker Prices Will Be As Follows:

$69.00 valid through March 31, 2015
$49.00 for Seniors aged 60 or older
$20.00 for One day use only Stickers
$10.00 Replacement Stickers (MUST be accompanied by the old Sticker)

**Download Transfer Station Sticker Application (PDF 71 KB)**

Sheets of 5 bag tags are $10.00. Trash bag size up to 39 gallons. Bag Tags should be peeled off and affixed to the side of the trash bag where it can be easily seen

Bag tags are available for sale from the Transfer Station attendant, at Donelan's Market on Main St., at the Pepperell Family Pharmacy on Main St., and at the DPW Office in Town Hall during normal business hours. Bag Tags are not available by mail.


Air Conditioner $22.00 Box Spring $12.00 Computer $15.00
Dehumidifier $20.00 Couch $15.00 Chair $12.00
Dryer $15.00 Light Ballast $2.00 Mattress $15.00
Refrigerator/Freezer $30.00 Propane Tank $5.00 Microwave Oven $10.00
Dishwasher $15.00 Stove $15.00 Television $12.00 & up
Washing Machine $15.00 Bicycle $2.00 VCR $5.00
Large Metal Items $5 & up depending on size Water Heaters $12 & up
Lawn Mower $2 & up depending on size White Goods (small household appliances) $5 ea
Carpet/Rug $0.15 per sq. ft., $0.20 w/pad Demolition Materials 11cents/lbs.
Tires $3 & up depending on size (Roofing is considered Demolition)  
Paint: Disposal - $2.00 per gallon & up. Call for fees & information
Other Bulky Items: See recycling personnel for fees & disposal location
Mercury reduction program: Florescent Light Bulbs, Mercury Thermometers, and Button Cell Batteries accepted at no charge - see Attendant for details - see mercury recovery flyer
Yard Waste: Leaves, pine needles, and grass clippings - nominal fee:

The area for yard waste is just before the recycling area on the right,; however, residents should see the attendant first to determine cost and ensure the appropriateness of the waste (i.e., no trash or large diameter branches, tree trunks).

**Please empty any bags into the pile, don't throw the bag into the pile.**
**Prices subject to change without notice. Facility has a scale to weigh demolition materials - call for details.


Directions to the Pepperell Transfer Station:

From the Pepperell rotary (intersection of Rtes. 111/113), follow Rte. 111 west approximately mile. Turn left onto Brookline St. (just past Conway Chevrolet). Follow on Brookline St. approximately 3 miles. Just before NH border, turn left onto Boynton St. Transfer Station is about 400 yards on the right at 66 Boynton Street.


What and How to Recycle

Recycling Saves Money and helps our environment! Please do your part.
Please place all recyclable items in the proper bins - and please, no trash in any bin...
Loads rejected because of trash or improper material result in increased costs to us and, in turn, higher sticker and bag tag costs to you!!!

Newspaper, Magazines, (non-corrugated) cardboard, and Junk Mail: Throw newspapers into bin loose, not in bags or wrapped with string or twine. "Mixed paper" can also be thrown into the newspaper bin: this includes, magazines, phone books, junk mail, shredded paper, or non-corrugated cardboard (cereal boxes, etc.).

Please no trash in this bin! Styrofoam is trash!!

Corrugated Cardboard & Paper Bags: Boxes must be broken down to lay flat; stack neatly in bin. No pizza boxes, egg cartons, or other food or beverage boxes/holders/cartons, no detergent boxes.
Plastic Soda, Juice, Water Bottles: Only CLEAN, RINSED & CRUSHED containers with the "1 PETE" label (usually found on the bottom of container) should be placed in the soda bottle bin. REMOVE ALL CAPS/RINGS from containers.
#2 HDPE Plastic Milk & Water Jugs and Colored Plastic Detergent and Other Containers (opaque or natural color and solid white & various colors): Only CLEAN, RINSED & CRUSHED containers with the "2 HDPE" label (usually found on the bottom of container) should be placed together in the designated bin. REMOVE ALL CAPS/RINGS from containers.
We regret that we can NO LONGER accept PETE 3-7 plastics.

While the DPW has made a effort to support a broad recycling program, we have been unable to find a buyer for PETE 3 - 7 plastic products. Therefore, we must dispose of it as trash at our own cost. The DPW will continue explore alternatives, but for now we ask that you dispose of PETE 3 - 7 products as regular trash, bagged and tagged, in the main dumpsters.
Aluminum Soda & Beer Cans: Only CLEAN, RINSED & CRUSHED aluminum beverage cans should be placed together in the designated bin. No other food containers, TV dinner trays, aluminum foil, pots or pans allowed.  
Glass: Only CLEAN, RINSED glass bottles and jars can be placed in the glass are and no loinger need to be separated by color. Please REMOVE ALL CAPS/RINGS from containers.  
Steel Food Containers: Only loose CLEAN, RINSED steel cans. No other food containers, TV dinner trays, aluminum foil, pots or pans allowed.  
Waste Motor Oil: See Recycling Center personnel for disposal location.  
Vehicle Batteries: See Recycling Center personnel for disposal location.  
Salvation Army Bins are available for clothing drop-off. Please place ALL items in tied plastic bags BEFORE placing them in the bins. Salvation Army Link-Click for Website


Download Above Transfer Station Information as a PDF file (71 KB)