Suspension of summer Playground for 2017

May 15, 2017

One of the roles of the Recreation Commission is to run a fun, safe, fiscally sound program for the children of Pepperell, however after much discussion and deliberation we have determined in its current configuration, we cannot do so for the summer of 2017.
Over the past few years, there has been a decreased demand for our program, and our enrollment has been on a steady decline.  Summer Playground has always run as a "drop-in" program and that has always made matching the number of staff to children difficult.  With the decrease in enrollment we have altered the way we staff, but this inconsistency of hours makes the jobs less desirable to teens and college students.  Fluctuating numbers also limits the amount of activities we can plan by age group on any given day, as we are never sure who will show up.  As you know, activities for 6 year olds vary greatly than those for upper elementary or middle school students, especially in the sports and games area.  
The decision to not have a program this summer was not made lightly.  With the dwindling of numbers, our commission has been speaking with parents, staff, and children (in person for the past two summers) and additionally reached out to the entire town community this past winter (in survey format.)   We are using that feedback to explore the possibility of completely revamping the summer playground for future seasons.  

Tim Doyle, Chairman
Alise Herrera
Brendan McNabb


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