Qualifications - Volunteer

Training is absolutely key to our success. One of the primary reasons we work the patrols and events that we do is to gain the required knowledge and experiences to perform effectively when we are called to action. It does not stop there however.

In 2010, the requirements for an armed officer now require attendance at a Massachusetts Police Training Council Reserve/Intermittent Officer training academy. This is a nine month evening program, with tuition being reimbursable upon the completion of one year as an Auxiliary officer post graduation. Officers work in a modified capacity during this period.

Orientation of each officer begins with their appointment. An orientation schedule includes all necessary certifications (listed separately) before an officer steps foot in their uniform in the line of duty. Typical orientation periods take approximately 3-4 months to complete, and include working alongside supervisors for a pre-set minimum period, more if needed. Once on active duty, training continues throughout their active membership through in-service training.

In-service: Every officer is required to attend a four hour training session once per month. Sample topics include law updates, motor vehicle stop procedures, building searches, domestic violence, officer survival and many more both class room and hands on. In addition, officers must certify in the following:

  • Firearms Qualifications Day (2x/yr)
  • Firearms Qualifications Night (1x/yr)
  • Carbine Qualifications (1x/yr)
  • Shotgun Qualifications (1x/yr)
  • Baton Qualifications (1x/yr)
  • Oleoresin Capsicum (Pepper) Spray (alternate yrs)
  • First Aid (1x/yr)
  • CPR/AED (1x/yr)

Note: All certifications are provided through qualified instructors and to the same standards as full time police officers.

Individuals must be 21 years of age, a U.S. citizen, and have a minimum of a high school education in order to qualify for the Pepperell Auxiliary Police. They should also be a town resident (though limited exceptions to residency are possible under strict guidelines.) Applicants must also possess or be able to qualify for a Massachusetts license to carry firearms. This includes passing a background check that demonstrates a clear criminal and civil record, as well as an excellent driver's history.

Officers are required to work evening for most cruiser shifts and training. Occasional weekend day work is required for major events or emergencies. Emergency call-out activity is adjusted to work around an officer's full-time employment and at no time would we jeopardize an individual's regular career.

Screening of all applicants is done by the captain and his senior command staff, as well as the full-time department's liaison officer. Applicants must pass the screening process and a subsequent approval of the Chief of Police in order to be presented to the selectmen for appointment.

Applications forms are available here for download or through the Police Department at the public safety complex. Completed applications or requests for further information should be sent to:

Pepperell Auxiliary Police
 P.O. Box 295
 Pepperell, MA 01463